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EIU Journalism

Students can work with
student media
on day one of starting classes.

Journalism is not just for journalists.

Sure, our students report breaking news, investigate corruption, design award-winning publications, produce newscasts, cover professional sports, develop public relations campaigns, promote college athletics, and frame major events with their lenses.

Sure, our alumni win Pulitzer Prizes, Emmy Awards and earn all kinds of other recognitions for their journalistic efforts.

But our students learn so much more than journalism. They run major movie studios, lobby to save the environment, create digital businesses, direct social media, argue legal cases, run political campaigns, write graphic novels, and build websites. Our students are prepared for anything.

In our program, you’ll learn to think critically, produce creatively, write precisely, process information quickly, interview thoughtfully, manage people, and develop an excellent work ethic.

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Why Choose EIU for Journalism

Our Degree Leads To...

EIU journalism offers students real-life experience at The Daily Eastern News, WEIU-TV, WEIU-FM, and The Warbler yearbook. Our students also regularly land a variety of internships.


Students can major in Journalism or choose one of the following options: Broadcast Journalism, Public Affairs Reporting, or Sports Media Relations. Industry values our graduates in entry-level positions because of the experience they obtain from their degrees and by working in student media and professional internships.


EIU journalism students receive practical, hands-on training using equipment they will likely use in their professional careers. Digital production facilities at WEIU are comparable to professional stations. Students will also master the latest versions of software being used by professional photographers and designers.

Study Options


Report breaking news, investigate corruption, design award-winning publications, produce newscasts, cover professional sports, promote college athletics, and frame major events. Click here for more information on this program.

Broadcast Journalism

Learn how to report, produce and present news for broadcast and digital presentation. Click here for more information on this program.

Public Affairs Reporting

Find, interpret and use public records to document government actions, such as new legislation or abuses of power, and to investigate significant social change related to these actions. Click here for more information on this program.

Sports Media Relations

Gain insights into the roles and duties performed by sports media professionals through courses that enable students to examine and practice skills related to careers in sports media. Click here for more information on this program.

Meet our Faculty

Don't take our word for it

"During halftime, I was lying in the endzone watching the fireworks. It was an awesome experience, and it assured me that I made the right decision in my major and school.”

Gina Volk (2013)

"The EIU Journalism program built my foundation. [My colleagues] in a top-85 TV market … have told me how impressed they are with how I wrote, how much I understood about TV news, and my passion for it. That foundation came from EIU.”

Savanna Tomei (2015)

"I picked EIU Journalism because of its courses. In my third year, I’d certainly have to say its instructors are another reason.”

Roberto Hodge (2015)

"Walking in the door, employers are like ‘wow, you’ve done a lot,’ which I couldn’t have done without Hit Mix."

Brad Kupiec (2013)

"The minute you step onto campus, you can get involved in student media. A lot of other schools don't offer that. ”

Katelyn Ifft (2014)

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