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Parent Based Interventions for College Bound and Incoming Freshman Families

There is a large amount of research addressing students that are currently in college, focusing on social norms, peer influence, motivational interviewing and the various other topics related to high risk drinking behavior. There is also research discussing adolescents and their drinking behavior. Where the gap lies is within the transition to college.

-What are the evidenced based parent based intervention for these students?

We are releasing a series of short videos expanding on this topic. Following the 3 video series, we will be developing a toolkit for you to use in addressing A.O.D. issues for college bound students and families. We are going to take a new approach to creating this toolkit. This toolkit is going to be driven by you, after all it is meant to be a resource and guide for YOU!

To help us best deliver, we will be asking for a small group to give us feedback throughout the process. What this means is completing 3 very short surveys 2-5 questions per survey. Then we will do the work and put together a toolkit for you to use.

What this doesn’t mean is loads of more work, research, writing, editing, and all of that fun stuff to fill all of that free time everyone has. Leave that work up to us!

We will be sending each video out through the listserv and also be posting them on our website. For those social media savvy individuals out there, these videos will be on our Facebook page.

Parent Based Interventions Flyer - Flyer (.pdf)

Parent Brochure - Parent to Parent (.pdf)


Video #1 


Video #2

Video #3

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