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 Christopher Hanlon

Tuesday, Dec. 4 @12:30pm: Christopher Hanlon, “Friendships Gone Cold: Emerson’s Coldness and the Warmth of Margaret Fuller” (The Edgar Room, Booth Library)

Emerson PosterThis lunch conversation with Dr. Hanlon gives us a chance to reflect on the different shapes and trajectories that friendships can take. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay “Friendship” (1841) and contributions to The Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli (1852) invite us to think about “styles” of friendship, ranging from the cold to the effusive. After his good friend Margaret Fuller died in a shocking accident off the coast of Fire Island, NY, in 1850, Emerson wrestled with his earlier justification for his lack of warmth in their friendship.

Tuesday, Dec. 4 @5pm: The  Bazargan Graduate Lecture in English

Christopher Hanlon, “Emerson's Memory Loss” (The Lecture Hall, Doudna FAC)

What happens in the personal and intellectual life of the most famous American Transcendental author as he ages? What effects do such losses produce in his writing and in his thinking?

Dr. Hanlon focuses on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s late works, in which Emerson moved away from the autonomous and self-reliant mind and argued for the importance of connection and association.

HanlonChristopher Hanlon (Ph.D. University of Massachusetts) is Associate Professor of U.S. Literature at Arizona State University and the author of America’s England: Antebellum Literature and Atlantic Sectionalism (Oxford, 2013) and Emerson’s Memory Loss: Individuality, Communality, and the Late Style (Oxford, 2018). A prominent scholar of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hanlon challenges longstanding ideas about Emerson’s focus on autonomy and self-reliance, and instead forwards new ideas of Emerson’s meditations on his connections with and reliance upon other people.

Co-sponsored by the Redden Foundation, The Graduate School, the Department of English, and the Center for the Humanities.

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