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About the Minor

Requirements and Electives

We have two required courses: HIC 2100G (or 2190G Honors) and PHI 3080 -- an intro course to the HMH minor (which doubles as a Gen Ed requirement in the Humanities, and triples as a Diversity Gen Ed requirement), and a philosophy course on Medical Ethics.

Our elective courses span 13 different departments, and include many courses that double up as Gen Ed requirements in various categories such as Social/Behavioral Sciences, Scientific Awareness, and the Humanities. You’ll need to choose only 4 of these, though you may be tempted -- and are welcome -- to take more! Some of them will no doubt count towards your major. Come talk to us about how you can navigate the curriculum efficiently by emailing the minor coordinator at The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll finish!

You can check out our curriculum sheet for more information here.

You can read more about our HMH minor below!

The Health & Medical Humanities Minor integrates the study of medicine and health with the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Our students develop a rich foundation for understanding the human condition and its undeniable dependence on the health of bodies and minds. As students prepare for a wide range of careers—from healthcare professional to medical researcher, from art therapist to fiction writer—they pursue and gain new skills for drawing connections between the profound effects of health and disease and the creative problem-solving that human beings need to exercise.

Topics include: the history of medicine; humanistic investigations into healthcare policy and biopolitics; considerations of race, gender, and socio-economic status in medicine and public health; bioethics and medical ethics; the importance of understanding narrative in diagnostics and patient care (“narrative medicine”); and the roles of creativity, arts-educated observation, and aesthetics (music, visual arts, theatre, and literature) in health and medicine.

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Contact Information

Director: C.C. Wharram

Doudna Fine Arts Center 1343
(217) 581-3968

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