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HMH Upcoming Courses

The Health & Medical Humanities minor is an 18-hour interdisciplinary minor. For more information about the minor, please see the courses on our Curriculum Sheet, our "Why HMH?" page, and our Courses in Previous Semesters page. You can contact the Director of the Center for the Humanities, CC Wharram, at ccwharram [at]

Spring 2019 Courses

CORE Courses:

HIC 2100G - Introduction to the Health & Medical Humanities.

Dr. Jeannie Ludlow                                                                                      TR 9:30-10:45

The course examines how the humanities can contribute to a better understanding of critical issues in medical practice from a variety of perspectives: political, economic, cultural, anthropological, historical, social, and through creativity (theatre, literature, art, and music).

            This course satisfies the Gen Ed requirement for the Humanities and Cultural Diversity. All majors are welcome.


ANT 3960 - Intro to Forensic Anthropology                                              W 6-8:30pm

David Glassman

On-campus and/or off-campus fieldwork on special areas or topics in anthropology. May not be repeated.


BIO 3628 - Evolutionary Medicine                                                             TR 9-10:50

Dr. Ann Fritz

A survey of current topics in evolutionary medicine, such as cancer treatment, antibiotic resistance, asthma and diseases of civilization will be explored and analyzed using the mechanisms of evolution natural selection, generation of biological traits and evolutionary history "mismatch" to current lifestyles affecting human biology today.

             This course is intended for Biological Sciences majors


ENG 1009G - Stories Matter 5, Health & Medicine

Dr. Randall Beebe                                                                                                 Online

This course investigate the fundamental and vibrant ways that humanities and medical/health studies complement each other's focus on health, illness, and the complexity of what it means to be human as we confront our bodies, disease, and our mortality.

            This course satisfies the Gen Ed Humanities requirement.All majors are welcome.

HCM 3910 - Communication in Health Professions                                           Online

Dr. Elizabeth Gill

A study of the role communication plays in health professions. The course focuses on the impact of communication on patient-provider interactions and health-related outcomes. Communication skill development and communicative best practices for a variety of healthcare providers are emphasized.


HST 3500 – Human Sexuality                                                                    TR 9:30-10:15

Misty Rhoads

Introduction, overview, and study of the biological, psychological, and cultural dimensions of human sexuality.


HST 3560 - Women's Health                                                              Hybrid  T 11-12:15

Misty Rhoads

This course is designed to assist students in 1). Understanding the normal conditions and special problems of women's physiology, 2). Developing an awareness of the problems women face when dealing with the health care system, 3). Examining cultural attitudes toward women, and analyzing the impact of cultural stereotyping on women's physical and emotional health, 4). Identifying agencies, groups, and organizations which are potential resources when investigating women's health concerns.


HST 3750 - Health Care Delivery Systems                                                                      TR 2-3:15pm

Megan Ann Cotner, MS

Review of contemporary approaches to the delivery of health care services in the United States. Prerequisites and Notes: A grade of C or better in ENG 1002, HST 2270, and HST 2800 or admitted to the RN to BSN program.


HST 4800 - Drugs and Society                                                                            Online

Dr. Kathleen Phillips

A study of drugs and drug use from an historical, biological and social perspective with emphasis on the physiological and pharmacological action of drugs in the body.


PHI 3080 - Medical Ethics.

Dr. Theresa Britton                                                                                   T 5-7:30pm

A study of the major philosophical views concerning the nature and practice of science, and including such topics as theory, experimentation, and the relation of these to reality and human life.


PLS 4763 - Environmental Politics and Policy

Dr. Melinda Mueller                                                                             MWF 2-2:50pm

The study of environmental, energy, and sustainability issues from the perspective of public policy and political science research, including policy models, alternative tools, case studies, and the role of political institutions, actors, organizations, and citizens.


SOC 4820 - Sociology of Health and Health Care

Dr. Darren Hendrickson                                                                          TR 2-3:15pm

This course provides a sociological analysis of health, illness, and health care systems. Substantive topics covered include the social distribution of health and illness, the illness experience, the socialization and development of health care workers, and the social organization of medicine. Prerequisites and Notes: SOC 1838G or permission of the instructor.

Looking ahead...

Summer 2019 Courses

For those who would like to take summer courses, ECN 3875 – Health Economics, is offer online every summer. Other summer courses will be announced.


Fall 2019 Courses

PHI 3080 - Medical Ethics.

Dr. Jonelle DePetro                                                                                                 Online

This course examines the application of ethics in the context of medical practice, policy and research. Basic ethical theories are applied to medical issues in a way that involves understanding the social context in which these problems arise. Issues may include personhood, our obligations to the sick and dying, the allocation of scarce resources, informed consent, autonomy, paternalism, and others.


HIS 3700G/3790G – History of Science and Medicine                                      TBA

Dr. David K. Smith

What is nature? How do humans understand it and the place of humans within it? In Europe between 1500 and 1800, a revolution occurred in how humans came to answer these questions. Yet this was not just a "scientific revolution." Rather, ideas about nature were deeply intertwined with religious and political beliefs. This course investigates the relationships among political, religious, and scientific (specifically, medical and biological) developments during the age of the Scientific Revolution.

This course satisfies the Gen Ed Social/Behavioral Sciences requirement. All majors are welcome.

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