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EIU Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Faculty and Staff Listing

Dr. Abdou Illia, Professor

Office: 4611 - Lumpkin Hall
Phone: 2175816391

Dr. Abdou Illia received his Ph.D. from Laval University (Canada).  He is a Professor in the Business Analytics & Information Systems department.  He taught Computer Information Systems and Business courses at Laval University and overseas before joining Eastern Illinois University. He started as Assistant Professor at EIU in 2003. He became Associate Professor in 2008 and Full Professor in 2012. His current research areas include factors influencing the adoption and use of IT, cyber security, and e-business. Dr. Illia's work experience includes working as a senior System Analyst, IT and Business consultant, and Deputy Chief of staff.


  • Ph.D., in Business Administration with concentration in Information Systems, Laval University, Canada
  • in Business Administration with concentration in Computer Information Systems, Sherbrooke University, Canada
  • Bachelor in Economics with concentration in Business Management, Niamey University, Niger
  • Professional certifications: CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+

Selected Publications

  • The moderating effect of motivation to comply and perceived critical mass in Smartphones’ adoption (2018). International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, 2018, 14(3), 21-38. With Lawson-Body, A., Lee, L., & Akalin, G.
  • A Conceptual Model For Mobile Banking Adoption, Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences, 18(2), 93-103, (2015). With Ngniatedema Thomas and Huang Zhentu.
  • Innovation Characteristics Influencing Veterans’ Adoption of E-Government Services, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Volume 54, Issue 3, 2014. With Lawson-Body A., Willoughby L., and Lee S.
  • Understanding the Impact of Green Operations on Organizational Performance: An Industry Sector Perspective,  Environmental Quality Management, 24(1), 2014, With Ngniatedema Thomas and Li Suhong.
  • Interacting Effect of Conformity and Critical Mass in Technology Acceptance: A Conceptual Model, International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, Volume 5, Issue 2, 2011, pp. 97-110. With Lawson-Body A., Roy M-C, and Lee, S.
  • Perceived Price Fairness of Dynamic Pricing, Industrial Management & Data System, Vol. 111, No 4, 2011, pp. 531-550, with Lee S. and Lawson-Body A.
  • E-Government Service Delivery Performance: An Adaptation of The Balanced Scorecard to the Public Sector, Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, Vol VI, No 2, 2008, pp. 11-28, with Lawson-Body A., Keengwe J., Mukankusi L., and Miller G.
  • ICT Use: The Influence Of Cultural Dimensions On The Need For Media Richness And Technological Richness, Issues in Information Systems, Vol VIII, No 2, 2007, pp. 171-179, with Lawson-Body A.
  • The impact of Data Integration on CRM in the Electronic Commerce of  SMEs, Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal, Volume 9, Number 1, 2006, pp. 83-102, with Lawson-Body A., and Jemenez J.
  • Commitment and Relationism in B2B E-Commerce: An Empirical Investigation, Journal of E-Business, Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2005, pp.70-89, with Lawson-Body A.
  • The Impact of Internet-Based CRM on Customer Loyalty in B2B E-Commerce: The Contribution of Commitment, E-Business Review, Volume V, 2005, pp. 109-118, with Lawson-Body A.

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Review and analysis of a decade of research on mobile commerce and lessons for African businesses, CEDIMES USA Institute, SUNY-Plattsburg, NY, Aug 31 - Sep 1, 2019 (abstract and presentation)
  • Individual Characteristics on Help Desk service choice (abstract), Proceedings of the 2016 WDSI Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, April 5-9, 2016. With Lee, S. Available at:
  • Information Security Compliance: the role of deterrence, protection motivation, and cognitive evaluation (abstract), Proceedings of the 2015 DSI Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, November 21-24, 2015.
  • A decade of research on mobile commerce: review and analysis (abstract), Proceedings of the 2015 DSI Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, November 21-24, 2015.
  • Mobile banking adoption: the role of technology readiness and perceived critical mass (Abstract)  Presented at the 2014 Decision Sciences Institute conference, Tampa FL, November 22-25, 2014.
  • A Conceptual Model for Mobile Banking Adoption, 2014 Academy of Business Research conference, March26-28, New Orleans, LA. With Huang Z.
  • The Role of IT in Economic Development: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa, 2013 HEI-CEDIMES, Quebec City, November 21-24, 2013.
  • Veterans’ Adoption Decision of E-government: Moderating Role of the Digital Divide, Proceedings of the 43rd Decision Science Institute Conference, San Francisco CA, November 2012, pp. 201-220. With Lawson-Body A., Illia A., Lee S.
  • Determinants of Perceived Security in the Context of Online Banking, Orlando International Business Conference, Orlando FL, January 1-4, 2012 (presentation)
  • Interacting Effect of Conformity and Critical Mass in Technology Acceptance: A Conceptual Model, Proceedings of the International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, April 22-25, 2010, Dallas, TX with Lawson-Body A. and Lee, S.
  • Online Consumers’ Perception on Price Fairness, Proceedings of the 2009 Midwest DSI Conference, Oxford, OH, April 16-18, 2009, with Lee S. and Lim S.
  • The Influence Of Cultural Dimensions On The Need For Media Richness And Technological Richness, Proceedings of the 2007 International Association of Computer Information Systems, (Abstract), Vancouver, Canada, October 3-6 2007, p. 27 , with Lawson-Body A.
  • Media richness, Technological richness, Cultural dimensions, and Communications Technology Use, Proceedings of the 2006 GITMA Conference, June 2006, Orlando FL, pp. 141-144, with Lawson-Body A. and Chrysostome E.
  • SMEs Perception of IOR Impact on Customer Loyalty in B2B E-Commerce: An Empirical Analysis, Proceedings of 2005 IRMA Conference, San Diego CA, May 14-15 2005, p. 499-502, with Lawson-Body A.
  • Data integration, CRM and Customer Loyalty in the Electronic Commerce of SMEs, Proceedings of the International Conference of Business, Economics and Management Disciplines, Fredericton, Canada, August 20-21, 2004, pp. 342-361, with Lawson-Body A. and Jemenez J.
  • Global Communications Technologies and The Impact of Culture, Media richness and Technological richness, Proceedings of the International Conference of Business, Economics and Management Disciplines, Fredericton, Canada, August 20-21 2004, pp. 61-79, with Lawson-Body A.

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