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EIU Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Degree Requirements

The M.S. in Cybersecurity requires successful completion of 32 semester hours of coursework. Because of its focus on practitioners, the decision was made to offer a culminating residential capstone experience, rather than require completion of a thesis. This comprehensive course will separate students into teams that use the knowledge acquired throughout the program to develop security for a computer network. Each group will develop practices aimed to defend real facilities and implement defense systems. Post-exercise, evaluation will include discussion, team presentations, and written reports applying program concepts to evaluate the experience, describe lessons learned, produce an IT risk assessment and security audit, and develop organizational security policies and plans.

Cybersecurity Coursework Requirements

Course Credits
1: TEC 5313 - Networking and Advanced Data Communications 3
2: TEC 5323 - Advanced Database Technology 3
3: TEC 5353 - Cybersecurity 3
4: MIS 4850 - Systems Security 3
5: TEC 5363 - Database Security and Reliability 3
6: EGT 4823 - Facilities Security 3
7: CYB 5550 - Cybersecurity Professional Seminar 3
8: MBA 5670 - Management of IT 3
9: TEC 5413 - Biometric Security 3
10: MIS 4860 - Ethical Hacking and Network Defense 3
11: CYB 5900 - Cybersecurity Capstone 2
Total Required Hours 32

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