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EIU Communication Studies

Communication in Organizations Option

The Communication in Organizations option is an online degree completion program that enhances students’ marketability in today’s professional environment through the integration of theory and practice and the development of relational and organizational communication skills.

Individuals who are proficient communicators are more valuable in contemporary organizations that are increasingly global, team-based, and feature flatter hierachical structures. This option is delivered 100% online to meet the needs of place-bound students, including working adults who want to finish their Bachelor’s degree to help with career advancement.

After graduation

Students in the Communication in Organizations option graduate with the enduring knowledge and transferrable skills necessary to be successful in the contemporary workplace. This opens the door to a wide variety of employment opportunities or advancement.

Graduates find jobs in the private, government, and non-profit sectors. Employers often seek out relational and communication skills as important parts of the hiring process. Our graduates leave Eastern prepared to manage complex and dynamic relationships in order to effectively lead organizations with high communication demands.

Graduates with this option are particularly well prepared to work as leaders in various organizational contexts, to thrive in team and group environments, and to work with individuals and groups from varying backgrounds, where the goals of communication are to resolve problems or disputes.


  • CMN 2010 - Introduction to Communication Theories
  • CMN 2040 - Argumentation & Critical Thinking
  • CMN 2630 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • CMN 2650 - Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • CMN 3000 - Communication Research Methods
  • CMN 3100 - Persuasion
  • CMN 3470 - Small Group Communcation
  • CMN 3650 - Case Studies in Organizational Communication
  • CMN 3660 - Communication & Conflict Management
  • CMN 3710 - Intercultural Communication
  • CMN 4720 - Workplace Relationships


Selected in consultation with an advisor.

  • CMN 3030 - Promotional Communication
  • CMN 3940 - Advertising: Theory & Practice
  • CMN 3980 - Strategic Social Media Communication
  • CMN 4030 - Seminar (May be repeated with a different topic)
  • JOU 3920 - Public Relations in Society
  • OPD 4700 - Leadership in Organizations
  • OPD 4815 - Conflict in Organizations
  • OPD 4825 - Ethical Behavior in Organizations
  • OPD 4865 - Diversity in Organizations
  • OPD 4880 - Productive Work Teams
  • ENG 2760 - Introduction to Professional Writing
  • ENG 3005 - Technical Communication
  • ENG 4760 - Special Topics in Professional Writing
  • ENG 4765 - Professional Editing*

*(Pre-req: ENG 1002G)


* Curriculum Guide, 2021-2022 (pdf)

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