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EIU Department of Communication Studies

Faculty and Staff Listing

Claudia Janssen Danyi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor for Public Relations

Office: 2544 - Buzzard Hall
Phone: 217-581-5625


Frequently Taught Courses

CMN 1310 Public Speaking
CMN 2920 Introduction to Public Relations
CMN 3960 Public Relations Writing
CMN 4030A Special Topics in Public Relations: Social Media Campaigns
CMN 4920 Public Relations Case Studies and Theories (Selected Cases from Spring 2017

CMN 4921B Seminar in Public Relations
CMN 5720 Special Topics in Public Relations
CMN 5700 Public Relations
CMN/ENG 5260 Communication in Technical and Scientific Organizations


M.A., Technical University Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig, Germany, 2006

Speakers Bureau

For more information, please visit the Speakers Bureau Webpage.


I am a teacher/scholar of public relations, crisis communication, and organizational rhetoric. I love preparing our students for the exciting and growing profession of public relations. My research helps me stay current, guide cutting edge student research and integrate recent developments into our classes and curriculum.

As a researcher, I analyze and critique organizational discourse and am interested in understanding processes of organizational message construction. More specifically, my work is located at the intersections of crisis communication, activist public relations, and corporate social responsibility. 

I have, for instance, developed the framework of Corporate Historical Responsibility (CHR) that provides an orientation for organizations that want (or are pressured) to address a dark corporate history in the present. My current projects focus on activist strategies in resistance to corporate apologia, such as Gruenenthal's 2012 apology to the victims of thalidomide among others, the experience of the individual in organizational crisis communication, and ontological assumptions of crisis communciation genres and their consequences.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Fähnrich, B., Janssen Danyi, C.I. & Nothhaft, H. (2015). The German plagiarism crisis: Defending and explaining the workings of scholarship on the front stage. Journal of Communication Management, 19(1), pg. 20-38.

Janssen, C. I. (2013). Corporate historical responsibility (CHR). Addressing a past of forced labor at Volkswagen. Journal of Applied Communication Research

Jensen, R. E., Doss, E., Janssen, C. I., & Bower, S. (2010). Theorizing the transcendent persona: Amelia Earhart's vision in The Fun of It. Communication Theory 20(1), pg. 1-20.

From research to practice (articles in PR trade journals)

Janssen, C.I. (2013). ‘Es tut uns leid‘ - Unternehmensentschuldigungen in der Krisenkommunikation (We are sorry: Corporate apologies in crisis communication). Pressesprecher, 7, p. 48-49.
Janssen, C.I. (2013). A journey to justice. Confronting a dark corporate past presents ethical and public relations dilemmas to communicators. Communication Director, 2, pg. 64-67.



Selected Conference Presentations

Janssen Danyi, C.I. & Jenne, A. (2014, November). Resisiting corporate apologia: Understanding Gruenenthal’s failed mea culpa to the victims of thalidomide. Competitively selected paper  presented at the annual convention of the National Communication Association (NCA), Chicago.
Fähnrich, B., Janssen, C.I., & Nothhaft, H. (2013, October). The German plagiarism crisis: Defending and explaining the workings of scholarship on the front stage. *Top 3 paper presented at the annual convention of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA), Barcelona, Spain.
Yeyha, N., Chaudri, V., & Janssen, C.I. (2013, September). (Re)conceptualizing the role of the individual: Making sense of citizenship identity(s). Competitively selected paper presented at the 2. CSR Conference, Copenhagen, Dänemark.
Janssen, C.I. (2013, June). Activist struggles for reparations: Does litigation undermine the potential of reconciliation? Invited paper presented at the annual convention of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), Dublin, Ireland.
Janssen, C.I. (2013, June). Toward a CSR approach to crisis communication. Competitively selected paper presented at the ICA Preconference “Dialogue and stakeholder engagement:  CSR Communication,” London, United Kingdom.
Janssen, C.I. (2013, June). Revisiting corporate apology in crisis communication. A matter of dialogue, negotiation, and relationship restoration. Competitively selected paper presented at the ICA Preconference “Dialogue and stakeholder engagement: Challenging public relations and organizational communication research, practice and impact,” Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
Janssen, C.I. (2013, March). Kommunikative Herausforderungen an Unternehmen in der Sicherheitswirtschaft (Communicative challenges for the security sector). Opening talk delivered at the FORSI Sicherheitswirtschaftstag at the Free University Berlin. 
Janssen, C.I. (2012, November). Toward a social knowledge approach to the rhetorical crisis situation. Invited paper presented at the conference „Rhetoric and Crisis Communication“ Crisis Communication Research Center, Örebrö University, Schweden.

Janssen, C.I. (2012, March). Public relations and history: The strategic use of USPS’s past within present discourses about its default. Invited paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, Cleveland, OH.

Funding & Grants

CFR Grant 2015/2016
Redden Grant 2015
Redden Grant 2016
Redden Grant 2017

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Contact Information

Department of Communication Studies

Buzzard 2418
600 Lincoln Ave Charleston, IL 61920
217- 581-6003

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