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EIU Booth Library

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Our Values

At Booth Library, we celebrate and value the ideals of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We define Diversity broadly, encompassing the universe of human identity and expression, including but not limited to age, gender/identity, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, and ability. In support of our diverse and vibrant learning community, we commit to fairness and social justice, affirming Equity by treating people with differing abilities and needs fairly. We strive for full Inclusion, providing an environment where all feel welcome, seen, and understood.

As an organization, Library Services is an active participant in DEI initiatives. Our commitment to DEI extends to ensuring diversity in our collections by allocating funds to collect diverse materials. We are fully engaged in bringing inclusive programming to our campus, in many cases developing and creating content in-house. Our dedication to responsive services is reflected in our active DEI Committee, regular staff professional development programs, and collaborations with the campus Making Excellence Inclusive committee.

Every individual in our library is a vital participant in the shared responsibility of creating and maintaining the library’s welcome and inclusive environment. We are committed to doing the real work of engaging in honest and collegial discussions, leaning in to the occasional discomfort caused as we challenge ourselves and our institution to fully embrace the ideals of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. With a standard of approaching each other with active listening, empathy, and trust, we align in our shared goal of deepening our understanding of each other and ourselves, strengthening our library and community.


Respectfully submitted by the Library Services Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: Dean Zach Newell (chair), Todd Bruns, Ellen Corrigan, Kirstin Duffin, Beth Heldebrandt, and Stacey Knight-Davis



DEI Resources

Diversity Fund – Booth Library has sequestered funds in the Collection Development budget to purchase materials that reflect the diversity of our learning community. We collaborate closely with our diverse student groups in our selection process, and any individual or group from our university community may submit requests for possible purchase.

Guides on DEI Topics - Librarians maintain a growing list of guides covering diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.

Inclusive Programming – Booth Library is dedicated to bringing diverse and inclusive programming to campus via our library exhibits, including content we develop and create in-house.

Making Excellence Inclusive (MEI) – A campus initiative to build more inclusive communities, linking university diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to our educational mission.

Together We RISE – The annual MEI conference, focusing on exploring how institutions of higher education can utilize the resources of diversity to achieve academic excellence for all students.

The Office of Inclusion and Academic Engagement (OIAE) – The OIAE promotes and maintains programs that heighten awareness, presence, and success of students of color and other under-represented groups at our institution.

EIUnity – The annual OIAE conference, which aims to address and move forward research, practices, policies, and general understanding surrounding race, racism, sexuality, ableism, inclusion, and equity. Our goal is for participants to leave energized and motivated to become change agents on campus and in their communities.




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