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EIU Department of Biology

Faculty and Staff Listing

Dr. Jeffrey R Laursen, Professor

Office: 2112 - Life Science Annex
Phone: 217-581-3914

Office Hours: Monday 11am-Noon & 3:00-4:30 pm & Friday 11am-Noon

Course Days & Time Location
BIO 1001-7,8 M F 10:00-10:50 am   LFSB 3080
 BIO 4816-001  M W 2:00-2:50 pm  LFSB 1080
BIO 1001-007 LAB W 8:00-9:50 am  LFSB 2130
BIO 1001-008 LAB W 10:00-11:50 am  LFSB 2130
BIO 4816-001 W 3:00-5:50 pm  LFSB 1080


Dr. Laursen's research interests are snail/trematode interactions at the ecological and cellular levels. He is interested in the effects of trematode larvae on snails and the potential to use parasite assemblages as indicators of habitat quality (i.e. since trematode larvae harm their host snails, are snails which are subject to poor quality or polluted habitats more susceptible to trematode-induced pathology? And if so, are snails from high quality habitats better able to support more diverse and/or more numerous trematode infections?). He is also interested in larval trematode development, specifically using snail cell cultures to support larval trematode development and differentiation in vitro.

Selected Publications

W.M. Lofty, S.V. Brant, R. J. DeJong, T. H. Le, A. Demiaszkiewicz, R. Rajapakse, V. Perera, J. R. Laursen, E. S. Loker. 2008. Evolutionary Origins, Diversification, and Biogeography of Liver Flukes (Digenea, Fasciolodae). Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 79(2) 248-255.

Thomas Nelson, David Gregory, Carrie Burroughs, Jeffrey Laursen. 2007. Prevalence of Lungworms in Illinois Coyotes. Trans. Illinois Academy Science 100:89-95.

Selected Conference Presentations

Andrew Claxton and Jeff Laursen. Parasite Community Response to Coal Mine Effluent in Southern Illinois Streams. Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitology. Oshkosh, WI 2007.

Jeff Laursen and Andrew Claxton. Impact of coal mine effluent on fish parasite assemblages in southern Illinois streams.

Andrew Claxton and Jeff Laursen Parasite Community Response to Coal Mine Effluent in Southern Illinois Streams. Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitology. Winona, MN. 2006.

Kristin Giglietti and Jeff Laursen. Effect of freezing on blood parasites of wood frog: Analysis of post –emergence infection parameters. Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitology. Winona, MN 2006.

Tiffany Gibson and Jeff Laursen. Seasonality of parasites in Illinois House Sparrows: Influence of stress on infection parasmeters. Annual Midwestern Conference of Parasitology. Winona, MN. 2006.

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Contact Information

Dept. of Biological Sciences

Life Sciences Building - 2070 600 Lincoln Avenue Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: 217-581-7141

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