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EIU Annuitants Association


EIU Annuitant Association Policies


Member Directory Use

The EIUAA Board of Directors agreed as a general policy, the EIU Annuitants Association's member directory will not be shared with any individual or organization. However, exceptions to this policy may be approved, on a case-by-case basis, if the information is requested by an organization that is part of the EIU family and provides some type of service to the EIU Annuitants Association. Such exceptions require the approval of the EIUAA Board of Directors. Recipients must agree not to share the information. Approved 3/8/2012.

Publication of Meeting Minutes

The EIUAA Board of Directors agreed that the EIUAA Board and Chapter Meeting Minutes will be published in the "Archives" link on the EIUAA webpage. Highlights of Board and Chapter Meeting minutes will be summarized in the EIUAA newsletter. Approved 3/8/2012.

SUAA Board of Directors Representation

The EIUAA Board of Directors agreed by consensus to name the three SUAA Board of Directors from EIUAA Chapter as EIUAA's SUAA representative/members. They shall be the Executive Board's President, Vice-President, and one other member of the Executive Board or designee. Approved 3/8/2012.

Honorarium Payments

The EIUAA Board may authorize an honorarium payment for program speakers as follows:

  • Eastern Illinois University employees will not be awarded an honorarium payment
  • Speakers from the local area who are not EIU employees may be awarded an honorarium up to $100
  • Speakers who are not local and not EIU employees may be awarded up to $200

The honorarium payment guidelines will be reviewed by the EIUAA Board within two years following their adoption. Approved 3/23/2023.

Listserv Policies

  1. The EIUAA list serve contains email addresses for paid members only.
  2. The EIUAA list serve is for the sole purpose of EIUAA business. This includes:
    • Dissemination of information about legislation that affects or has the potential to affect our membership
    • Our newsletter
    • Information from approved groups, such as Life Long Learning or the LifeSpan Center. The information must be deemed pertinent to our group.
    • Information from committee chairs (or designee) with regards to committee events or needs.
  3. The EIUAA list serve is NOT for entertainment or discussion groups.







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