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EIU Annuitants Association

EIUAA Constitution


1. This organization shall be known as the Eastern Illinois University Annuitants Association (EIUAA). It is a chapter of the Illinois State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA).

2 The purpose of the Association shall be to promote the individual and collective interests of its members.

3. Membership in the Association shall be open to all persons eligible for a State Universities Retirement System annuity. Current and retired EIU employees, spouses, and survivors are eligible for membership.

4. The affairs of the Association shall be administered by a twelve-member Board of Directors. Four members shall be elected at each annual fall meeting of the Association for three-year terms beginning the following January 1. No member shall be elected to serve continuously for more than two consecutive terms. The Board of Directors (Board) shall elect from its own membership a President Elect, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. These officers shall serve in the same capacity for the Association. The President Elect shall serve a three-year term, year one as President Elect, year two as President, and year three as Past President. The term of office for Secretary and Treasurer shall be two years. The term will be one year if the officer´┐Żs current term as a member of the Board expires in one year. In subsequent elections, a new President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer shall be chosen.

Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled, for unexpired terms, by vote of the members of the Board.

The President-Elect shall preside in the absence of the President.

The Board of Directors may elect, via a majority vote, to add ex-officio member(s) to the Board.

A majority of the Board's membership shall constitute a quorum.

4.A. In view of the unusual circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Board officer terms and the terms of Board members completing two consecutive terms are extended through December 2021. These extensions are contingent on acceptance by any affected Board members. This amendment is a one-time response to a challenging situation and expires on December 31, 2021.

5. The Board of Directors shall appoint such committees as will further the work of the Association. The President will appoint a member of the Board of Directors to chair each appointed committee. Committee members will be recruited from the general Association membership. Committees may be appointed to, but are not limited to, the following areas: Membership, Communications/Newsletter, Scholarship, Legislative, Events, and Nominating. At each Chapter meeting of the Association, the Board shall report its activities and the activities of the other committees of the Association since the time of the last Chapter meeting.

6. The President, or the President's representative, shall serve on the SUAA Board. Other EIUAA members shall be appointed by the President to fill the remaining SUAA Board positions per number of chapter members.

7. The Board shall be convened for a special meeting when EIUAA matters deemed urgent by the President arise in the interim between the Board's regularly scheduled meetings.

8. The President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall constitute the Board's Executive Committee. In rare circumstances, when an issue requires immediate attention, the President shall convene the Executive Committee to address the issue, with the proviso that a quorum shall consist of no fewer than three of the Executive Committee's members.

9. Each year prior to the annual fall meeting of the Association, the President of the Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee to select candidates for the Board positions that are vacant or that will be vacated the following January 1 and to nominate these persons at the annual fall meeting of the Association. Additional nominations from the floor shall be invited. At the close of the annual fall meeting the current President shall convene the persons who will constitute the Board of Directors beginning the following January 1 for the purpose of electing officers for those positions being vacated on that date.

10. Consultants may be invited to attend meetings of the Board or of the Association.

11. The dues for membership in the Association, which includes membership in the State Universities Annuitants Association, shall be set by the Board. The financial records of the Treasurer shall be audited annually by a special committee and reported at the annual spring meeting of the Association.

12. Amendments to the Constitution, or a revised Constitution, may be proposed by the Board or by more than 15 members of the Association. They may be adopted at any regularly called meeting of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the members present. Notice of the meeting and its purpose shall be given to members at least one month in advance of the meeting.


Approved September 1, 1983. Par. 7 amended June 20, 1984. Par. 9, dues, amended June 20, 1985. Par. 9, complimentary membership, amended June 20, 1988. Par. 9, dues, amended June 7, 1989; Par 3 - Membership - Amended June 13, 2003; Par. 9 - Dues --, amended June 17, 2002; Par. 4 - officer succession - amended January 15, 2006-amended June 12, 2008. Par. 4 and 7, amended October 7, 2010, date change of Executive Committee terms of service and meeting dates amended to reflect dates consistent with fiscal year beginning January 1 ending December 31. Par. 9, dues amended consistent with the State University. Par. 3, eligibility for Association membership, amended June 20, 2013. Pars. 4-11, substitution of the term "Board of Directors" for the term "Executive Committee," amended June 20, 2013. New Par. 7, provision re: meetings to handle "matters deemed urgent by the President," added June 20, 2013. 2nd paragraph of section 4, amended to clarify rotation of officers' terms, August 29, 2013. Section 5, amended to clarify committee areas and appointments, August 29, 2013. Section 6, amended to clarify appointments to SUAA Board, August 29, 2013. Section 4.A. added to extend board officer terms and board member expiring terms by one year due to COVID-19 pandemic, amended November 12, 2020.

Effective Date: If approved by the Association's membership, the revised Constitution will become effective on January 1, 2014.

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