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Season - 1990'sProductionDirectorSetCostumeLight
February 1990Nicholas NicklebySullivanMolashDuehmig
Spring 1990Rapunzel/Princess & The GargoyleDuehmig, J.Barnett, K.
March 1990GhostsSmithBarnettSmallwood
April 1990Alice in WonderlandGuidottiMolashDuehmig
June 1990The Odd Couple (Female Version)BlanchetteMolash, D. Andrews, J.
June 1990The Prince & The PauperDuehmig, M.BlanchetteDenton, G.
July 1990Cole!Eisenhour, J.Molash, D. Duehmig, M.
October 1990The Secret Affairs of Mildred WildEisenhour, J.BlanchetteSmallwood, D. Duehig, M.
November 1990Viet RockGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteBurke, M.
November 1990RapunzelSain, J.
Yarbrough, M.
November 1990The Emperor JonesBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
February 1991The Birthday PartyEisenhour, J.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1991The Real Queen of Hearts Ain't Even PrettyBlanchetteBlanchetteCarmody, S.
April 1991Cinderella: The Stepmother's VersionDuehmig, M.Carmody, S.Andrews, J.
June 1991The MousetrapEisenhour, J.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
June 1991The Velveteen RabbitDuehmig, M.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
July 1991The Miss Firecracker ContestBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
July 1991Stop The World, I Want To Get OffGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
September 1991Stop The World, I Want To Get OffGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1991In White AmericaBlanchetteBlanchetteYarbrough, M.
November 1991'Night, MotherAndrews, J.Wolski, D.Schenk, A.
February 1992The Comedy of ErrorsEisenhour, J.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1992Burn ThisDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Smith, J.
April 1992The Wizard of OzDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Smith, J.
April 1992An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Vampire Lesbians of SodomCarmody, S.Heitz, R.Andrews, J.
April 1992An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Psycho Beach PartyWiemerslage, P.Heitz, R.Andrews, J.
Summer 1992God's FavoriteDuehmig, M.BlanchetteSmith, J.
Summer 1992Story TheatreSain, J.Sain, J.Smith, J.
Summer 1992Barefoot in the ParkGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteSmith, J.
Summer 1992Brighton Beach MemoirsBlanchetteBlanchetteSmith, J.
September 1992Barefoot in the ParkGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1992Brighton Beach MemoirsBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1992The Effect of Gamma Rays...Eisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Sherwood, A.
November 1992AntigoneGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
February 1993The Boys In The BandBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1993Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean...Duehmig, M.BlanchetteYarbrough, M.
April 1993The Princess and the PeaEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Sherwood, A.
June 1993Love LettersWolski, D.&J.Wolski, D.Wolksi, J.
June 1993RumorsGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
July 1993Sleeping BeautyDuehmig, M.Friedman, M.Sherwood, A.
July 1993Broadway BoundBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
September 1993Broadway BoundBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
September 1993RumorsGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1993Haver's Holler, W.V.BlanchetteBlanchetteSherwood, A.
December 1993A Christmas CarolEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
Spring 1994Love LettersBlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
March 1994Marat/SadeGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteDuehmig, M.
April 1994Beauty and the BeastDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
April 1994An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Sexual Perversity in ChicagoCope, S.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
April 1994An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: A Slight AcheGowgill, G.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
April 1994An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Fool for LoveGent, J.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
April 1994An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Funeral GamesRourke, J.Carmody, S.Sherwood, A.
June 1994Kiss Me, KateGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteGilbert, J.
June 1994I Do! I Do!BlanchetteBlanchetteNovotny, L.
June 1994Man of La ManchaEisenhour, J.BlanchetteGilbert, J.
July 1994Snow WhiteMcNeill, J.Eisenhour, S.Moore, E. / Bailey, N.
September 1994I Do! I Do!BlanchetteBlanchetteDuehmig, M.
October 1994The Bourgeois GentlemanBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
November 1994An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Women and WallacePomeroy, C.Kasper, D.Bailey, N.
November 1994An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Feeding the MoonfishSvehla, J.Kasper, D.Bailey, N.
December 1994A Christmas CarolDuehmig, M.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
February 1995The ForeignerEisenhour, J.BlanchetteMalm, K.
March 1995Don Juan In HellDuehmig, M.BlanchetteMalm, K.
March 1995Dancing At LughnasaGuidotti, E.T.Wolski, D.Duehmig, M.
April 1995PinocchioBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
July 1995Dames at SeaGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteMalm, K.
August 1995NunsenseBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K. / Smith, J.
August 1995TintypesEisenhour, J.Pierson, J.Malm, K.
August 1995Goldilocks & The Three BearsPomeroy, C.Vrona, C.Kashanitz, B.
September 1995NunsenseBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K. / Smith, J.
October 1995And They Dance Real Slow In JacksonBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
October 1995An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The Mad Dog BluesPugh, B.Pomeroy, C.Ligeski, K.
October 1995An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: As IsPomeroy, C.Pugh, B.Ligeski, K.
December 1995A Christmas CarolWolski, J.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
February 1996Dirty Work At The CrossroadsEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
March 1996The Rimers of EldritchBlanchetteBlanchetteYarbrough, M.
April 1996The Emperor's New ClothesGuidotti, E.T.Wolski, D.Malm, K.
Summer 1996Puss In BootsBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
July 1996The Arkansaw BearGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteMalm, K.
September 1996The Arkansaw Bear - RevivalGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteMalm, K.
September 1996Puss In Boots - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteMalm, K.
October 1996FashionBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K. (Malm)
November 1996An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: United States - The InterviewGray, C.Carmody, S.Corrington, J.
November 1996An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Theodora: She-Bitch of ByzantiumHarper, K.Carmody, S.Ligeski, K.
December 1996A Christmas CarolEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
February 1997What Rough Beast SlouchesBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
March 1997Slow Dance On The Killing GroundGuidotti, E.T.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
March 1997On the Verge: Fax TraxBlanchetteBlanchette
March 1997On the Verge: The Last PicnicBlanchetteBlanchette
April 1997Wiley and the Hairy ManWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
June 1997The Compleat Works of Wilm Shkspr (abridged)BlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
July 1997Sinbad the Kabuki SailorGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 1997Sinbad the Kabuki Sailor - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 1997The Compleat Works of Wilm Shkspr (abridged) - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
September 1997An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: FunSlovinski, K.Gadomski, C.Wood, E.
September 1997An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: SganarelleHam, C.Gadomski, C.Zorn, J.
October 1997A Raisin in the SunCoker, N.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1997The Heidi ChroniclesBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
December 1997BrigadoonWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
February 1998Madam TinubuCoker, N.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
March 1998Three Women EmbracingBlanchetteBlanchetteYarbrough, M.
April 1998Hansel & GretelEisenhour, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
June 19986 RMS RIV VUBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
July 1998PinocchioSlovinski, K.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 1998Pinocchio - RevivalSlovinski, K.BlanchetteEisenhour, K.
August 19986 RMS RIV VU - RevivalBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1998Ollie Holland's BirthdayBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1998Collision CourseGuidotti, E.T.BlanchetteJoern, C.
November 1998An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: Against the GrainWalker, V.Smith, N./Gadomski, C.Gunzel, F.
November 1998An Evening of Student Directed One Acts: The ChairsMuldowney, J.Smith, N./Gadomski, C.Prince, H.
December 1998Twelfth NightWolski, J.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
February 1999ExtremitiesCoker, N.Brooks, R.Joern, C.
March 1999Three Knockdown, Hilarious Farces By (No Kidding) Anton ChekhovJorns, D.Wolski, D.Eisenhour, K.
April 1999Thirteen Bells of BoglewoodWolski, J.Wolski, D.Yarbrough, M.
July 1999The Butler Did ItBlanchetteBrooks, R.Eisenhour, K.
September 1999Summer and SmokeBlanchetteBlanchetteEisenhour, K.
October 1999The Dining RoomOertling, J.T.Wolski, D.Joern, C.
December 1999A Country Christmas CarolWolski, J.Wolski, D.Joern, C.