Physics Department Observatories


EIU Observatory 

The Eastern Illinois University Observatory was completed in 2004 with funds donated by alumni and friends. This observatory houses a 16-inch Schmidt-Cassagranian telescope that is computer controlled for both positioning and data acquisition. It is located in a dark field on campus which makes it both accessible and useful. The director of the observatory is Dr. James Conwell. The observatory can be used for classes, research, and community outreach. Open houses are held on the last Friday of each month (rainy or clear, hot or cold weather). Click here for a map and directions to the observatory.   For more information on the happenings of the observatory and astronomy in general you can visit the Astronomy Blog


ARI Observatory

The Astronomical Research Institute is run by Robert Holmes. Mr. Holmes is an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Physics. He operates several telescopes including a 32-inch reflector and a recently acquired (in collaboration with EIU) 30” reflector. Mr. Holmes works closely with EIU. His facility can be used by students and faculty and is remotely located to optimize the dark sky. You can learn more at the ARI website.