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The Physics Department offers undergraduate employment opportunities for majors.  After completing the introductory Physics sequence majors are eligible to become Tutors and/or Graders for the Department.  Tutors are assigned a time and location each week to be available to help any Physics student in the introductory courses.  Graders are assigned courses depending on their experience and knowledge base.  Graders are assigned a course for which they will grade the homework turned in.  Grader schedules can be quite flexible.   

Tutors and Graders are hired at the beginning of each semester as needed.  A person is typically assigned 2 to 5 hours per week as a Tutor or Grader.  The pay is minimum wage but the rewards are much higher than that.  Thinking about, talking about, and seeing interesting problems in Physics is a great way to learn.  Seeing how other people think about problems and helping them to see the correct way is also a challenge that has its own rewards. 

You must apply for these positions.  People wanting to be Graders should fill out the Grader Application.  Potentional Tutors should fill out the Tutor Application.  You are allowed to fill out both forms if you would like both jobs.  The form/forms should be turned in to the Physics Department Office during the first week of the semester in room 2131 of Physical Science Building.  People interested in Tutoring should also submit their weekly schedule at that time.  

Tutoring and Grading are great ways to help you to learn the material in the introductory courses.  There is no better way to complete the process of understanding than to try to explain what you know to someone else.  Teacher Certification majors are especially encouraged to take Tutoring opportunities though all concentrations can be Tutors.