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In addition to payroll tax deductions, there are various voluntary payroll deductions that are controlled by the employee. These include withholdings for insurance, flex spending, retirement, charitable organizations, union dues, tax sheltered annuities and deferred compensation.

To initiate or terminate a voluntary deduction, an employee must contact the department that coordinates the deduction and complete the necessary authorization or revocation form, which will be forwarded to the payroll department for processing. The effective receipt date for monthly payroll processing is the 15th day of the month (for that month's payroll) and for biweekly processing, it is the same date that time cards are due. A list of deduction codes, descriptions and coordinating departments can be seen below.

Deduction Codes

Stopping Voluntary Deductions

Voluntary deductions must be canceled through the same office that initiated the deduction.

A signed revocation card must be received in the Payroll Office to stop a deduction. For employees paid on a monthly basis, a revocation must be received by the 15th day of the month to be included in that month's payroll. For employees paid on a bi-weekly basis, the due date for revocations is the same date the time cards are due.