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The W-4 is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form used by employees to determine the tax withholding for employees. Based on the number of allowances claimed, a certain amount is withheld from each paycheck to satisfy income tax liability. A completed from is required for payroll processing; changes can be made by submitting an updated from to the Payroll Office.


The W-2 is a Federal form that reports an employee's annual wage and tax withholding totals to the Social Security Administration and the IRS. Self-serve Banner allows access to view and print W-2 information with employee consent.  

Important Information Regarding Your W-2

  • Employee copies are required to be mailed by Jan. 31st.

  • Update the employment office with any changes to your permanent address, as this is where W-2 forms are sent.

Sign-up For Electronic W-2 (Quick Guide)

  • To access your W-2 online, employee consent is required. The consent form is located in PAWS.  Under the Employee tab, click the tax forms option. The consent form is labeled "Electronic W-2 Consent". 

  • W-2 forms can be viewed and printed on-line as early as mid January. Please note that your printer or system set up MAY require that you print your W-2 using the LANDSCAPE orientation versus the PORTRAIT setting.  If you are having difficulty, please contact the Payroll office at 217-581-7799 or 217-581-5510.

  • W-2 information remains available online for purposes other than tax filing (i.e. loan applications and financial aid).