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To receive a temporary upgrade, an employee must be assuming all duties normally assigned to the higher level classification. The employee must be on the active register for the higher classification, if such a register exists. If the relevant register does not exist, the employee must meet the minimum required qualifications for the classification to which assignment is being made.

Initial requests for temporary upgrades of employees must be submitted to and approved by the Department of Human Resources. When a temporary upgrade occurs, an employee shall be paid the minimum of the pay range or a 10 percent increase in salary, whichever is greater. For classifications where a single rate is used, the employee shall receive the rate of the higher classification.

In some situations, your job classification may be temporarily upgraded for up to 30 consecutive work days. During this period, you perform a different job at a higher classification level. To initiate an upgrade, your supervisor must submit a temporary upgrade form to the Office of Classification/Compensation. You must also pass any applicable civil service examination.

If a temporary upgrade action is subject to a bargaining unit agreement, then that agreement rules and procedures shall be adhered to, provided such contract language exists.

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