NCUR 2017 in Memphis (April 6-8) AND Butler URC (April 7) in Indianapolis  


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EIU is a leader in undergraduate research, regularly taking many more students to the National Conference of Undergraduate Research than any other public university in the state. Here is a complete list of student presentations at NCUR since 2009(!). This year there are TWO Undergraduate Research Conferences happening on the same weekend- NCUR in Memphis (April 6-8 2017) and the Undergraduate Research Conference at Butler in Indianapolis (April 7). 

EIU want YOU to present your research or creative work in any discipline at one of these two conferences. EIU will fund as many students as we can to either of these two conferences. Depending on the number of applicants, a participation fee may have to be required from students, but we will strive to keep the amount under $100. We want to make off-campus undergraduate research presentation available to as many EIU students as possible.

If you are an EIU student  who has been engaged in independent study, research, or a capstone creative activity in any discipline we encourage you to apply for funding. From papers on Art, Business or Chemistry to work on xenophobia, Yankees, or Zen Buddhism, all kinds of topics and approaches have a home at NCUR and the URC.

For sample abstracts, please go to the NCUR 2016 website to look at accepted abstracts from last year. You can filter your searches by school or by discipline, and you will be amazed at the diversity of undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity that is represented. Talk to your faculty mentor or to Dr. Richard England, Dean of the Pine Honors College, for more guidance. Whatever your discipline, research and creative excellence thrives at EIU and we want you to share it at NCUR or the URC.

You will need to prepare an abstract detailing the nature of your study / performance, between 250 and 450 words in length. For guidance, do look at last year's abstracts at the link above. You should have the faculty mentor who has worked with you on your project review your abstract before you submit it here. 

Your abstract will be judged for its clear communication of a research conclusion or a performance / creative  purpose. The abstract should not assume specialist knowledge on the part of the reviewers, but should concisely describe the goal, method or approach, and significance of the work undertaken. 
The Undergraduate Research Task Force may suggest changes to your abstract to improve its chances of acceptance by NCUR or the URC. 

If you have questions, or technical difficulties, please email