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Payment Plans

EIU offers convenient, flexible ways to pay for your college education. Payment plans are a sensible approach: they allow for smaller, affordable payments instead of paying in one large sum.

Panther Open Payment Plan

EIU offers the Panther Open Payment Plan for each semester. This type of payment plan is offered in order to provide the maximum amount of flexibility for payment within a term. No separate sign-up is required – enrollment is automatic if your bill is not paid in full by the due date of the first statement for a term. This plan allows you to make your payments for various amounts at intervals of your choosing. Your account will be assessed a finance charge of 1% per month, which is the cost to participate in the plan. The only restriction is that you complete your payments by a given date for each term (November 1st for fall, April 1st for spring, and August 1st for summer). Plans typically start when the first bill for a term is issued (August 1st for fall, December 1st for spring, and May 1st for summer), but you may make payments earlier if you wish.

Panther Installment Plan

Beginning in fall 2013, EIU will also offer the Panther Installment Plan. This plan will have four installments per semester with fixed payment amounts at specific dates. Payments for a fall semester will be made in July, August, September and October. Payments for a spring semester will be made in December, January, February and March. A signed payment agreement must be completed for each semester. Students will be able to sign fall agreements in June and spring agreements in November. Only tuition, mandatory program and service fees and University housing will be included under this plan. Other items charged to the student account by either the student or the University (such as parking permits, dining dollars, printing charges, library fines, parking tickets etc) will be paid by the student directly to the student account outside the plan. A finance charge of 1% per month will be assessed on the plan balance.