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2014 Darwin Day

Darwin Day is February 12th, the date of birth of Charles Darwin in  the year 1809, at Shrewsbury, England. On this date, and throughout  the month, people from all over the world are honoring the life, work and influence of Charles Darwin with events and activities which celebrate science and our shared humanity. Join in the events and celebrate the adventure of science, and the 'passion to know' that drives us to inquire, explore and discover what this world is all about. All events are free and open to the public.

Schedule of events on Eastern Illinois University's campus:

Sunday, 9 February
 Film: "What about God?" (NOVA Evolution series)
    Life Science Building, room 2080, 4:30 PM.

Monday, 10 February
 Lecture: Pseudoscience:What is it and why should we care?. 
    Brian Montgomery (Eastern Illinois University - Department of Philosophy)
    Buzzard Hall, room 1501 (Buzzard Auditorium), 5:00 PM.

Tuesday, 11 February
Lecture: What is science?  
    Lewis Branscomb (University of California at San Diego - School of International Relations & Pacific Studies; and Institute on Global Conflict & Cooperation) 
    Coleman Hall, room 1255 (Coleman Auditorium), 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, 12 February

 Round-table Discussion Acceptance of evolutionary science within religion. Regional leaders of different religious faiths.
    Coleman Hall, room 1255 (Coleman Auditorium Auditorium), 7:00 PM.

Evolution Links

PBS WGBH Evolution web site     
-  Evolution: Videos for Teachers     
- Evolution: Videos for Students   

Darwin Day Committee: Ann Fritz, Gary Fritz, Zhiwei Liu and Stephen Mullin. 

Stephen Jay Gould Award information