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College of Arts and Humanities Curriculum Committee

 The College of Arts and Humanities Curriculum Committee (CAHCC) is composed of faculty members  from each academic department in the college serving two year terms and two students with majors in the college serving one year terms.

The CAHCC reviews all curriculum proposals and/or changes proposed by the academic units.

All proposals submitted to CAHCC shall be completed and follow the format approved by Council on Academic Affairs (CAA), Council on Graduate Studies (CGS) and/or Council on Teacher Education (COTE). All proposals and/or changes approved by the academic department should be forwarded by the department chairperson to the CAHCC chair.

For AY2015-2016 proposals should be sent electronically to Prof. Joe Gisondi, CAHCC chair, jjgisondi@eiu.edu.

AY2015-2016 CAHCC meeting dates:

  • FA15: September 9th and 23rd, October 7th and 21st, November 4th and 18th, December 2nd, and December 16th, if needed.
  • SP16: January 27th, February 10th and 24th, March 9th and 23rd, April 6th and 20th, and May 4th, if needed.  

CAHCC meets at 3:00 PM in the James K. Johnson Conference Room (DFAC 2211) and all meetings ares scheduled on Wednesdays.

Important Information regarding Course Proposals and Revisions

Dates Impacting the Effective Dates for SP16, SU16, FA16, and SP17 Course Revisions

Approved Course Proposal Format Form

New Course Proposal Cost Justification Form

AY2015-2016 Membership

Africana Studies - Dr. James Ochwa-Echel

Art - Dr. Mary Caroline Simpson

Communication Studies - Dr. Stephen King

English - Dr. Melissa Caldwell

Foreign Languages - Dr. Kathryn Bulver

History - Dr. Anita Shelton

Journalism - Prof. Joe Gisondi (chair)

Music - Dr. Magie Smith

Philosophy - Dr. Jonelle Depetro

Theatre Arts - Prof. David Wolski

Student Members:

Michael Spencer - Student Representative for Humanities

Alxis Alvarado - Student Representative for Fine Arts


Dr. Chris Mitchell, Interim Associate Dean

Links to CAHCC Bylaws and Minutes:

CAHCC Bylaws

CAHCC Minutes

Links to University Academic Council websites:

Council on Academic Affairs (CAA)

Council on Graduate Studies (CGS)

Council on Teacher Education (COTE)