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EIU Program in Social Science Teaching

SOS Teaching

The content knowledge, critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills of this major prepare you for a host of professional options beyond the high school classroom, whether in graduate school or a host of varied careers.

Effective Fall 2019, Social Science Teaching will no longer be a degree option. Students already enrolled in the program may complete their degree as planned, and new students are directed to the History with Teacher Licensure in Social Science program, found at History. That program has been revised to better serve students who might have been interested in the old social science teaching program.

Welcome to Social Science Teaching! The multi-faceted Social Science Teaching degree programs provide training in the many areas of social studies, including economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology-anthropology, and all students graduate ready to be licensed to teach ALL social science subjects in Illinois’s public high schools.

Our majors graduate with unlimited potential to improve their own lives and the lives of their students. Social Science teaching majors are equipped with the skills that are central to the changing world of the 21st century. All majors choose one area of concentration – Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology – and become part of that home department as well as part of the broader Social Science Teaching program at EIU.

Want to learn more? Whether you are already a social science teaching major or whether you are thinking about becoming one, this website offers helpful information.

Why Choose EIU for Social Science Teaching

Academic Rigor

The Social Science Teaching programs (History with Teacher Licensure and Social Science Studies) challenge majors to excel in and out of the classroom. Students take an array of courses in all the social science from talented faculty in respective departments. (Check out courses and faculty pages.) In education courses and social science teaching methods, students create lesson plans, implementing knowledge of pedagogy as well as of their particular subject. All Social Science Teaching programs culminate with student teaching, an intense experience that prepares students to leave EIU fully prepared to embark on teaching careers, or to take their classroom experience as a launching point into any number of other careers. 

Practical Preparation

In addition to academic rigor, social science teaching programs at EIU provide practical preparation. Coursework is focused on all social sciences, and students are given guidance about additional endorsements and licensures to assist them in the search for a job. From the beginning of their education courses, students spend time in area schools. They participate in a sixty-hour practicum during their general methods class, and this is followed by an internship with an experienced social studies teacher during their time in SOS 3400. Student teaching gives them real-world experience and a true taste of the life of a classroom teacher; students put into practice everything they have been learning about during their years at EIU.

Individual Attention

Social Science Teaching majors receive individual attention from faculty throughout the program. They are advised one-on-one by someone within their major field, and they are also invited to consult with social science teaching specialists throughout their years at EIU. In the final year of the program, students enroll in SOS 3400, a social science teaching methods course. EIU has committed to keeping this course small so that students can teach lessons and have much one-on-one interaction with each other and with the professor. Finally, students are assigned a university supervisor during student teaching who works with them throughout the student teaching experience. In part because of the individual attention that is at the core of the social science teaching programs at EIU, students excel and are able to shape the program to fit their interests and needs.

Career Opportunities

Social Science Teaching majors are prepared to excel in a wide variety of careers. Many opt for this major to fulfill dreams of teaching high school social studies, and EIU graduates teach throughout Illinois. Every October EIU sponsors a History and Social Science Teachers Conference, welcoming back numerous graduates who are now practicing teachers to share ideas and strategies and enjoy a day of professional development. Others use the rigorous and multi-disciplinary nature of the program as launching points for law or graduate school as well as a wide variety of careers.

Don't take our word for it

"You can email him at any time during the day and he is right there. You wouldn't get that kind of individual attention at a bigger school. My advisor really does care about my career."

Andrea Morgan (2010)

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Brian Mann, Undergraduate Advisor,
Interim Social Science Teaching Program Coordinator

3721 - Coleman Hall

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