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EIU History-Teacher Licensure

Academic Advising

The History with Teacher Licensure in Social Science degree program (History-TL) has recently been revised to better serve students who are interested in teaching social studies at the high school level. The multi-faceted History-TL program provides training in the many areas of social studies, including economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology-anthropology, and all students graduate ready to be licensed to teach ALL social science subjects in Illinois’s public high schools.

All History-TL majors are advised within the History Department by the undergraduate advisor, Prof. Brian Mann ( Students should also remain in close contact with the Social Science Teaching Coordinator Dr. Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz (

Below are major checksheets, four year plans, and a handbook created for History with Teacher Licensure majors to give you all the information that you need. In addition to checksheets, the handbook includes information about the content test, education course sequencing, how to find a job, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The History with Teacher Licensure major was revised in Fall 2016 and again in Fall 2019, so make sure to check your catalog year as you choose a checksheet below.

NOTE ABOUT DISCONTINUATION OF SOS-TL: The SOS Teaching program is being discontinued effective for students entering EIU in fall of 2019. All students currently in the SOS program will be allowed to finish out their degrees. If you are a SOS-TL major, please visit the old SOS Teaching website for checksheets and other advising information for your respective program. Moreover, SOS-TL students are encouraged to check with their department advisors and Prof. Mann prior to registering for classes.

History-Teacher Licensure Handbook  (Updated February 2020)

Degree Checksheets

  • History with Teacher Licensure in Social Science (Fall 2019 catalog to present), click here
  • History with Teacher Licensure (Fall 2016 thru Summer 2019 catalogs), click here
  • History with Teacher Licensure (pre-Fall 2016 catalogs), click here
  • Social Science Teaching, all concentrations (2017-2018 catalogs), click here

Sample Four Year Plans

  • History with Teacher Licensure (Fall 2019 catalog to present), click here
  • History with Teacher Licensure (Fall 2016 thru Summer 2019 catalogs), click here

To see the Academic Catalog listing for the History Major with History-Teacher Licensure Licensure beginning in Fall 2019 or later, catalog information can be found here. For students entering EIU in Fall 2016 thru Spring 2019, the catalog listing can be found here. For students prior to Fall 2016, click here.

You will get the most out of advising if you carefully review all the degree information on this website. Before you meet with Prof. Mann for advising you should review your degree checksheet and your own personal degree audit. You can run a degree audit in PAWS. Log into PAWS and then click on STUDENT and RECORDS. Then, click DEGREE AUDIT REPORTING SYSTEM. Click RUN AUDIT on the right side of the screen, and then click on the link VIEW AUDIT. You should then see a blue clickable link with your major and option listed. All of this information is also be located in the advising guides he sends out each semester before registration begins.

History-TL Majors - Secondary Education Sequence

Traditional Student (begins here, declares early)




Year 1


SED 2000, EDF 2555G, EDP 2330

Year 2

SOS 2400 (EDP 2330 if not earlier)


Year 3

(SOS 2400 if not earlier) EDF 4550 (jr standing req.)

SOS 3400 (official clearance for teacher ed)

Year 4

SED 3330/SED 4330/Practicum, SPE 4500 (or preceding Summer term)

STG 4000, STG 4001


Transfer/Late Declare (* = may have transferred in)




Year 1-2


Year 3

SED 2000*, EDP 2330*, SOS 2400, EDF 2555G*

SOS 3400, EDF 4550 (jr standing req..)

Year 4

SPE 4500 (or preceding Summer term), SED 3330/SED 4330/Practicum

STG 4000, STG 4001

Sequencing and Processing Notes

SED 2000, EDF 2555G, SOS 2400, and EDP 2330 must be taken prior to SOS 3400, and no student can take SPE 4500 until they have completed SOS 3400. Ideally, one would do step 1 in multiple semesters, with SED 2000 and EDF 2555G first. SPE 4500 requires no clinical hours and is offered at night (Wednesdays) and in the four-week summer term, so it is easy to schedule. (FYI for students later in the program: Prior to fall 2018, it was SPE 3500 and it counts the same.) If you have questions about sequencing and what will be best for you, see Dr. Laughlin-Schultz or Prof. Brian Mann (or email them at or Note: SOS 2400 is required only in catalog year 2016 or later. It is strongly suggested for others.

Applications for student teaching must be completed the FALL PRIOR to the academic year in which you student teach. That is, if you plan to student teach in Spring 2021, you apply to do so in Fall 2019. Don’t miss this deadline! In order to student teach, you MUST have a 2.75 cumulative and a 3.0 major GPA. You also must have passed the Content Test and secured Department Approval. Department Approval happens in weeks 10-12 of the semester PRIOR to student teaching. Dr. L-S will send out an email to all students with submission directions for those planning to student teach the next semester. Students submit a portfolio (many components of which are completed in the course of SOS 2400 and SOS 3400), including a resume/cover letter, a statement of teaching philosophy, recommendation forms completed by Social Science faculty, a primary source analysis paper, and a learning segment.

Practicum is 75 hours and students will need to block out 8am-12pm OR 12pm-4pm. SOS 2400 is offered in FALL and SOS 3400 in SPRING, and SOS 3400 is generally scheduled T/R 9:30- 12:15. Students must plan accordingly.

Helpful information from the College of Education can be found here:


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Sace E Elder, Chair

2542 Coleman Hall

Brian Mann, Undergraduate Advisor

3721 - Coleman Hall

Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz
History with Teacher Licensure in Social Science Coordinator

2556 Coleman Hall

History Department

2744 Coleman Hall
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920

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