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Welcome to the College of Arts and Humanities

The College of Arts and Humanities is dedicated to the success of our students. Our programs integrate rigorous academic inquiry, promote creative and scholarly excellence, and encourage community engagement, providing a strong basis for personal growth and professional preparation. A distinguished, talented faculty and a skilled, dedicated staff create an environment in which students flourish.

The college comprises nine academic departments representing the Arts (Art, Music, Theatre Arts) and the Humanities (English, Communication Studies, Foreign Languages, History, Journalism, Philosophy) as well as the Interdisciplinary Center for Global Diversity (Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Women's Studies) and the Center for the Humanities. In addition, the Doudna Fine Arts Center and the Tarble Arts Center, major performance and visual arts resources are part of the college and provide EIU and east-central Illinois with a wide variety of arts events and exhibitions, and cultural programming. Our academic programs and numerous outreach activities ensure the arts and humanities, the very foundations of a democratic society, are accessible both on our campus and throughout our region and our state.

Please take a moment to explore and learn about the departments and our many programs of study, performance events, and enrichment opportunities. Contact us for more information at cahdeansoffice@eiu.edu

Interim Dean Glenn Hild


Dr. Grant Sterling, Associate Professor of Philosophy and 2014-2015 Faculty Laureate

Grant Sterling

It's no surprise that Dr. Grant Sterling was named by his colleagues as Eastern's 2014-2015 Faculty Laureate, an award that recognizes a faculty member for his/her excellence in teaching general education classes. For the past 25 years of teaching, Sterling has lived by Socrate's quote that "the unexamined life is not worth living for a human being" by pushing his students to think.

"If I could pick one thing for my students to come out of my classes with, it's the idea that they ought have reasons for the things they believe," he said. "It's not my goal in my classes to convince my students that Socrates or Plato have the right answers." Instead, Sterling demands his students know why they see the world in a certain way and articulate their reasons.

Jonelle DePetro, chair of EIU's Philosophy Department, shared Sterling commitment to EIU best in a nomination letter: "Teaching matters to Grant; quality education matters. His passion begins in the classroom, but it doesn't end there."