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Administrative Billing

As the campus' phone service provider, the EIU Telecommunications office issues a monthly bill to administrative offices. Charges that may appear on the bill will include either Non-Recurring (one time only) and/or Recurring Charges. Interested in knowing the actual amount of potential charges on your bill?? Click on the following hyperlinks to obtain a listing of billed charges.

Non-Recurring Charges

  • Adding new calling features
  • Moving an existing line or Installing a new line
  • Equipment items purchased
  • Long distance calls from the previous month

Recurring Charges

  • Monthly line access
  • Monthly Instrument Charge
  • Voice mail

View and print your department phone bills

The Telecommunications Office has implemented a portal to allow administrative departments to view and print their phone bills from an on-line web access system. Our new system is accessable at https://www.telebill.eiu.edu/pinnacle/dept.html. Fiscal agents and/or designees may view and print their department phone bills only after contacting the Telecommunications Office at 581-5951. This is a restricted website. Your user name and password are as follows.

User name - first initial, last name
Password - e-mail address

Non-Recurring Charges

Installation - new phone line $120 per line
Line Move $70 per line
Adding New Phone Features $5 per line
Equipment Upgrade $55 per line

Equipment for Sale or Rent

DescriptionOne-Time Charge
Cords $8.00
Couplers $4.95
Shoulder Rest $7.00 
Speaker Phone $10 per day
Conference Phone $15.00 per day

Recurring Charges

PhoneDescriptionMonthly Charges
Phone Line Monthly Charge for the Line $12.25
M9110 Singe Line (used for unattended areas) $3.80
M8009 Singe Line $4.70
M9316 Singe Line w/ Speaker $6.20
M5008 Multi-line set $7.45
M6320 Multi-line w/ Display/Speaker $13.95
M622 20 Key Add-on $8.05

Voice Mail

Voice MailCharge
Full time Faculty N/C
Administrative $4.45
Auto Attendant $7.95