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Dr. Brian L Pritschet

Dr. Brian L Pritschet


Office: 2207 - Lantz Arena
Phone: 217-581-2215 (KSS office)
Email: blpritschet@eiu.edu

Brian Pritschet's Vita

Current Syllabi

Frequently Taught Courses

KSS 4340 Principles of Exercise Physiology
KSS 4900 Special Topics in Exercise Science:
Pediatric Exercise Physiology 
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Clinical Exercise Physiology
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Exercise Pharmacology
 KSS 5000 Research Methods in Kinesiology & Sports Studies
KSS 5225 Physical Activity & Aging
KSS 5260 Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology
KSS 5280 Exercise Metabolism & Body Composition
KSS 5640 Graded Exercise Testing & Exercise Prescription for the Apparently Healthy and the Cardiac Patient


B.S. Biology,  Trine University, Angola, IN 
Respiratory Therapy,  Creighton University, Omaha, NE

Registered Respiratory Therapist, Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist (NBRC)
M.S. Kinesiology (Exercise Physiology), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL 
Ph.D.  Kinesiology (Exercise & Applied Physiology), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL  

Professional Organizations

Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (IAHPERD) 

Society of Health & Physical Educators

International Federation of Sports Medicine


Body Composition Assessment and Regulation
Cardiopulmonary Function with Activity
Evaluation of Obesity
Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Selected Publications

Russell, W.D., Pritschet, B., Frost, B., Emmett, J., Pelley, T.J., Black, J., & Owen, J. (2003).  A comparison of post-exercise mood enhancement across common exercise distraction activities.  J. Sport Behav. 26(4):368-383

Di Naso, J.J., Pritschet, B.L., Emmett, J.D., Owen, J.D., Willardson, J.M.,Beck, T.W., DeFreitas, J.M. &  Fontana, F.E. (2012). Comparing thigh muscle cross-sectional area and squat strength among national class Olympic weightlifters, power lifters, and bodybuilders.  Int Sport Med J.  13(2):48-57

Reed, J., Pritschet, B. & Cutton, D. (2012). Grit, conscientiousness, and the transtheoretical model of change for exercise behavior.  J. Health Psychol.  In Press.

Selected Conference Presentations

“Comparison of three bioelectric impedance analyzers for field assessment of body composition” American College of Sports Medicine.  2000.  Indianapolis, IN

“The effect of state anxiety on the measurement of body composition by bioelectric impedance analysis” American College of Sports Medicine.  2000.  Indianapolis, IN

“Coping With Exercise Induced Asthma”  IAHPERD Annual State Convention  2000.  St. Charles, IL.

“Dietary Supplements and Performance:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. IAHPERD Annual State Convention  2000.  St. Charles, IL.

“Metabolic Testing:  What the Numbers Mean”  ‘Connections”  Respiratory Therapy Conference 2004.  Bloomington, IL.

“Professional Preparation for Careers in Health/Fitness”.  IAHPERD Annual State Convention, 2005.  St. Charles, IL.

“Evidence-Based Practice:  Stretching During the Warm-Up?”  AAHPERD National Convention, 2007.  Baltimore, MD.

Recent Advances in the Science of Physical Education: Research Applications for the Teacher: A Mini-Symposium” IAHPERD Annual State Convention, 2008.  St. Charles, IL.

"The Physiologic Basis for Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing".  Pulmonary Rehab & Chronic Lung Disease Conference , 2010. Kankakee, IL

"Exercise in Hot Weather" IAHPERD Annual State Convention, 2010.  St. Charles, IL.

“Childhood and Adolescent Obesity”  IAHPERD Annual State Convention, 2012.  St. Charles, IL.
“Exercise Induced Asthma: What teachers and coaches should know”  IAHPERD Annual State Convention, November, 2013.  St. Charles, IL.

"Child & Adolescent Obesity" - Mini-symposium  IAHPERD Annual State Convention, November 2015, St. Charles, IL  (B. Pritschet, J. Emmett, S. Ruholl, S. Ronspies)


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