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The civil service biweekly (CSB) time card is designed for a biweekly pay period beginning at 12:01 a.m. Monday and ending at noon Sunday, two weeks following. The time card covers 10 work days in each pay period. There will be one printed time card per employee, per account charged.

Total time on each day is to be recorded to the nearest hundredth of an hour. Benefits are reported in half-hour increments for sick and accrued leave and half-day (3.75 or 4.0, whichever is applicable) for bereavement leave. Employees are responsible for accurate recording of their work time and benefits used.


General Instructions
  • All time card entries and signatures should be completed in ink before turning the cards into the Payroll Office.
  • Be careful to record the correct hours on the proper card, if the employee is charged to multiple accounts (there will be one time card for each account to be charged).
  • Time cards should be sorted alphabetically in each work department before they are turned in to the Payroll Office.
  • Make notes on time cards of any unusual situation. This could save a phone call.
  • Remember to adjust your copies of time cards if the Payroll Office has contacted you and a change has been agreed upon.


Hours Worked

ONLY REGULAR HOURS WORKED are to be recorded on this line and totaled as Code 050.

ALL OVERTIME HOURS WORKED and being paid are to be recorded on this line. Hours to be paid at one and 1/2 times are totaled as Code 061 and hours paid at double-time are to be circled and totaled as Code 062.

Call-backs are to be labeled ACB. Overtime charged to other departments is addressed in the supplemental time cards section.

ALL COMPENSATORY (COMP. TIME) HOURS WORKED (not paid) These hours will not be paid or used in the calculation of benefits earned until they are reported as used. Comp. time is assigned overtime worked over the established work day hours (normally 7 1/2 hours) or work week hours (normally 37 1/2 hours) for which employee has been granted time off in lieu of payment.

Comp. time hours are to be recorded as straight time hours on the time card and totaled under Code 751 for time and 1/2 or Code 752 for double time worked. Per the university’s overtime policy, the maximum compensatory hours that may be accumulated cannot exceed the equivalent of the full-time biweekly work schedule (normally 75 hours or as contract allows).

COMPENSATORY TIME USED (to be paid as straight time rate) is to be recorded as Code 700. Hours used cannot exceed the balance available


Benefits Used

Please note that the CT, AL, and SL balances at the top of the current time card are one full pay period behind, therefore this balance must be adjusted by the comp. time, accrued leave or sick leave used and earned on the last time card. Your current statement has the correct balances available for use. You may call the Office of Benefits Services (217-581-5825) for current benefit balances.

It is the employee’s responsibility to accurately reflect benefits that are payable. You must have your supervisor’s preapproval to use accrued leave or leave without pay. According to the BOT Policy Handbook, sick leave can only be used for personal or family illness and doctor or dental appointments.

ACCRUED LEAVE HOURS USED are to be recorded in quarter-hour increments and totaled as Code 710. Hours used cannot exceed the balance available.

SICK LEAVE HOURS USED are to be recorded in quarter-hour increments and totaled as Code 720 for personal illness. If the time is taken for family illness, circle the daily hours and record the total under Code 721. Hours used cannot exceed the balance available.


Other Hours

OTHER HOURS PAID are to be specified by type (bereavement, jury duty, Military leave, union meeting or holiday) and recorded under Code 770. HOLIDAY PAY MUST BE RECORDED AS CODE 760. DO NOT include holidays in the 770 total. Remember, bereavement leave must be used in a minimum of half a day. (3.75 for a 7.5-hour day or 4 for an eight-hour day.)


Layoff/Leave Without Pay

RECORD ALL NON-PAY HOURS as layoff (LO) or dock pay on a paper time sheet and submit it to the Payroll office.  Be certain you record these items accurately. 


Temporary Upgrades

IDENTIFY THE CLASS CODE BY NUMBER (job classification) of the position upgraded to; record the hours worked each day in the new classification. Hours worked as overtime must be extended by the appropriate multiplier. Seven and a half hours at the 1.5 rate (7.5 x 1.5 = 11.25) times would be recorded as 11.25 with the appropriate class.

Upgrades are paid as they are worked. Upgrade for hours of overtime banked as comp. time must be paid when worked. Record the total as Code 080. (When upgrading for an extended period of time there must be a break every 30 CALENDAR days. The non-upgrade day must be a weekday.)


Supervisors are responsible for verifying the totals and the accuracy of all recorded hours. They are responsible for verifying the total number of all hours recorded. This total should equal the standard hours for the pay period (normally 75). If the total exceeds the number of standard hours, recheck the calculations. If the overage is the result of a holiday paid on a normal day off, the Payroll Office will designate the proper codes. Check line No. 2 for appropriate overtime at one and 2 under Code 061 and double time at Code 062.



Employee and accounts charged fiscal agent (or designees) signatures are required. Work department supervisors signatures are requested to assist in processing (answering questions, etc.)