The Health Education Resource Center (HERC) is affiliated with Health Service and serves as a source of information on health related topics. The HERC provides students, faculty, and staff with a wide variety of health programs. The HERC staff offers presentations, one-on-one consultations, and general resources and information for any of the programs listed below. Additionally, the HERC can help find other resources if our office does not have something that meets your needs.

Visit the HERC on the top floor of the Student Services building to see everything we have to offer!



What Is New at the HERC


The HERC is currently accepting applications for 2014 - 2015 open graduate assistantship positions.  Please visit the following page for more information: HERC Graduate Assistantships.

Check out the HERC blog for healthy tips and updates on "what the HERC is going on?"


Upcoming Programs:

  • Healthy Cooking 101 Classes-

April 16th - "Spring in to fresh fruits and vegetables!"

                  7:00pm in Klehm 2309

Click Here to Register today! 


  • Rubber Lovers-

April 10: 6:00pm in MLK Union - Effingham Rm







Hours and Location

Monday - Friday 8-4:30
Student Service Building
Top Floor
(217)581-7786 (HERC)
(217)581-3013 (Clinic)
HERC: herc@eiu.edu