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Eric K. Bollinger
Eric K. Bollinger
ekbollinger@eiu.edu | 217-581-6653 | 2162 Life Science Annex | Profile

Conservation biology and behavioral ecology of birds and mammals

Gary A. Bulla
Gary A. Bulla Professor and Associate Chair
gabulla@eiu.edu | 217-581-3499 | 2072 Life Science | Profile

Mechanisms controlling mammalian gene expression and development

Thomas Canam
Thomas Canam Assistant Professor
tcanam@eiu.edu | 217-581-6608 | 3054 Life Science | Profile

Use of plants for bioenergy and bioproduct applications.

Barbara S. Carlsward
Barbara S. Carlsward Associate Professor
bscarlsward@eiu.edu | 217-581-3223 | 3074 Life Science | Profile

Plant anatomy and molecular phylogenetics

Robert E. Colombo
Robert E. Colombo
recolombo@eiu.edu | 217-581-3011 | 2027 Life Science | Profile

Anthropogenic impacts on fish populations

Janice Coons
Janice Coons
jcoons@eiu.edu | 217-581-6243 | 2023 Life Science | Profile

Plant physiology, horticulture and native Illinois plants

Steven L. Daniel
Steven L. Daniel Professor
sldaniel@eiu.edu | 217-581-7840 | 3058 Life Science | Profile

Physiology and Ecology of Anaerobic Bacteria

Jill L. Deppe
Jill L. Deppe Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Department
jldeppe@eiu.edu | 217-581-5424 | 3052 Life Science | Profile

Wildlife ecology of birds and mammals

Ann H. Fritz
Ann H. Fritz
ahfritz@eiu.edu | 217-581-6907 | 3088 Life Science | Profile

Insect behavioral ecology

Gary N. Fritz
Gary N. Fritz
gnfritz@eiu.edu | 217-581-2514 | 1112 Life Science Annex | Profile

Population dynamics, genetics, and evolutionary biology of insects that affect the health of humans and other animals.

Karen F. Gaines
Karen F. Gaines PSM Co-Director, Chair Department of Biological Sciences, Professor
kfgaines@eiu.edu | 217-581-6235 | 2056 Life Science | Profile

Wildlife Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Sustainability of Biofuels.

Jeffrey R. Laursen
Jeffrey R. Laursen Graduate Coordinator Biological Sciences Department, Associate Professor
jrlaursen@eiu.edu | 217-581-3914 | 2112 Life Science Annex | Profile

Snail/trematode interactions at the ecological and cellular levels

Zhiwei Liu
Zhiwei Liu
zliu@eiu.edu | 217-581-8319 | 2025 Life Science | Profile

Systematic entomology, population genetics, and evolution of species interactions in gall wasp systems.

Kip L. McGilliard
Kip L. McGilliard Associate Professor Emeritus
klmcgilliard@eiu.edu | Profile

Physiology and pharmacology of the respiratory system, particularly as it relates to breathing disorders in the newborn infant.

Scott J. Meiners
Scott J. Meiners
sjmeiners@eiu.edu | 217-581-3425 | 1116 Life Science Annex | Profile

Factors that influence the dynamics and regeneration of plant communities.

Michael A. Menze
Michael A. Menze Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
mmenze@eiu.edu | 217-581-6386 | 2029 Life Science | Profile

Comparative molecular and mitochondrial physiology in non-model organisms.

Andrew S. Methven
Andrew S. Methven Professor of Biological Sciences
asmethven@eiu.edu | 217-581-6241 | 3078 Life Science | Profile


Stephen J. Mullin
Stephen J. Mullin Professor of Biological Sciences
sjmullin@eiu.edu | 217-581-6234 | 1114 Life Science Annex | Profile

Behavioral and conservation ecology, with an emphasis on predator-prey relationships that involve reptile and amphibian species.

Britto P. Nathan
Britto P. Nathan
bpnathan@eiu.edu | 217-581-6891 | 2154 Life Science Annex | Profile

Neuroscience with special interest in neurological diseases

James M. Novak
James M. Novak Interim Associate Dean, College of Sciences and Associate Professor
jmnovak@eiu.edu | 217-581-3328 | 2118 Old Main | Profile

Ecological genetics.

Henry R. Owen
Henry R. Owen Professor Emeritus
hrowen@eiu.edu | (217) 581-3126 | Profile

The use of cell, tissue, and organ culture techniques for plant propagation, regeneration, and genetic improvement, and in the physiology of threatened, endangered, and invasive plant species.

Charles L. Pederson
Charles L. Pederson
clpederson@eiu.edu | 217-581-6239 | 1044 Life Science | Profile

Algal ecology and physiology, water quality and ecotoxicology.

Paul V. Switzer
Paul V. Switzer Professor of Biology
pvswitzer@eiu.edu | 217-581-6951 | 1054 Life Science | Profile

Animal behavior and behavioral ecology.

Gordon C. Tucker
Gordon C. Tucker Professor | Herbarium Curator | Environmental Biology Coordinator
gctucker@eiu.edu | 217-581-6240 | 3027 Life Science | Profile

Specialist on the sedge family

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