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EIU Staff Senate

2018-2019 Staff Senate Committees

Personnel Policies, Benefits, and Welfare Committees

Purpose:  This committee shall advise and coordinate issues involving personnel policies and benefits (excluding collective bargaining matters), and overall welfare of staff with appropriate authorities.  The committee will study and make recommendations for improvements and adjustments on matters pertaining to personnel policies and benefits.

Rhonda Nichols, Chair

Suzann Bennett (serves on Sick Leave Bank Committee, Parking Appeals Committee)

Andrea Beals (serves on Environmental Health and Safety Committee, Parking Advisory Committee)

Angie Campbell (serves on Sick Leave Bank Committee)

Tony Craven (serves on Parking Appeals Committee)

Rick Wyninger (serves on Parking Appeals Committee)

Tina Jenkins (serves on Parking Advisory Committee) 

Budget and Planning Committee

Purpose: Committee shall study the University Budget process and will be responsible for monitoring budget decisions for both short term and long term planning. 

Jody Stone, Chair (serves on Council on University Planning & Budget (CUPB))

Peggy Brown  (serves on Council of University Planning and Budget and University Naming committee)

Rhonda Nichols (serves on University Naming Committee)

Suzann Bennett (serves on University Naming Committee) 

Liaison Committee

Purpose:  This committee shall maintain communication with the Student Senate, Faculty Senate, Council of Deans, President’s Council, and other University governing bodies and committees that may be working on similar or common goals.  This committee will strive to develop cooperation on matters of common interest to establish and maintain equal representation and unity within the University.

Suzann Bennett, Chair (serves on Staff/Faculty Senate Relations Committee)

Shawn Peoples (serves on University Union Advisory Committee and Staff/Faculty Senate Relations Committee)

Peggy Brown (serves on Staff/Faculty Senate Relations Committee) 

Election Committee

Purpose:  This committee shall be responsible for all elections, ratification by ballot and referenda held by the Staff Senate.

Chris Childress, Chair

Renee Kerz

Suzann Bennett

Tina Jenkins  

Ad Hoc Committees

Purpose:  These committees are established as necessary.  

Staff Recognition/Development Committee

Suzann Bennett, Chair

Angie Campbell

Melissa Coleman

Campus Master Plan Committee

Shawn Peoples

Campus Recreation Board

Rick Wyninger

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