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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join STEP?

In order to become a member of this program, you will need to have been accepted to Eastern Illinois University and document a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder with the Office of Student Disability Services (email & Phone number).  Once you have completed these two steps, please call 217-581-2712 or email  You will then complete the required paperwork and schedule a meeting to meet with a team member of STEP.

What are the costs to be a part of STEP?

A fee of $3,000 is required to participate in the program each semester.  The fee is put in place to ensure the needed materials and program team members are available.  An additional charge ($850 per semester) is required for those students who choose to take advantage of the single room option. When deemed necessary, students may move on from STEP into STEP-M (maintenance), which is $1,500 per semester.  To make a payment, click the following link:

Is this program only for incoming freshman students?

No, this program is not just for freshman.  Students who are already attending EIU may elect to join the program at any time.  Students who are transferring into EIU may also elect to join the program.

I want to live off campus.  May I still be a member of this program?

Yes, you may live off campus.  However, we recommend living on campus due to the supports being much more enhanced and available if you are on campus.

I had transitional supports in high school that made me feel like a child.  How will STEP ensure that I will be supported as an adult?

This program is completely designed for the adult learner at the post-secondary level.  The skills you will be working on are designed around the adult lifestyle and what is needed to encourage success at EIU.

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Contact Information

The Autism Center

Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences
600 Lincoln Ave. Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-2712
Fax: (217) 581-7105

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