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EIU Autism Center

About the Autism Center

Autism is the most common developmental disorder, with one in every 68 children meeting the criteria for diagnosis (Center for Disease Control, 2016)

The Autism Center at EIU is a collection of services for individuals of all ages with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Services are provided through the Department of Communication Disorders & Sciences.  

  • The STEP Program component of the Autism Center provides transitional supports, skill development, and executive function coaching for academic and social success of EIU college students with autism.   
  • The therapy services and diagnostic evaluations component of the Autism Center is conducted within the EIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic as part of clinical training of CDS students.  Wait times for evaluations can be long, so CDS faculty conduct or supervise extra evaluations and consultations for the Autism Center to facilitate more timely evaluations and consultations for families and individuals with questions and concerns. A support group for families of children with ASD is offered in partnership with the Autism Program (TAP) outside of regular services offered at the S-L-H Clinic for the Autism Center.
  • A third type of service provided by the Autism Center is professional education.  The Fall Autism Conference is held yearly as a continuing education resource for professionals.  CDS faculty also provide in-services and presentations to local and state professional organizations or schools that relate to ASD on topics such as executive functions, social skills, augmentative communication, and feeding.  




STEP Program for EIU College Students with ASD

Clinical Services for Clients/Families with ASD   (Diagnostics, Therapy & Consultations at EIU)

Education and Consultations for Professionals about ASD and related deficits

 Executive Function as well as Academic, Social, Executive Function, and Daily Living Transition

Support for 20-30 EIU students with ASD 

Includes Skill Development Classes, Strategy Use Coaching, Supported Study Tables, Mentored Social Activities, Guided Academic and Vocational Supports 

 Diagnostic and Treatment Services for ASD within the Clinical Training of the EIU S-L-H Clinic 


Extra Diagnostics, Consultations, and Referrals  to serve clients and families in a timely manner    

  Fall Autism Conference at EIU


In-services and consultations with professionals locally or via Zoom.


 Presentations locally, state-wide, nationally, and internationally    

 Person in Charge

 STEP Director

 Jill Fahy  (

 Person in Charge

 Director of S-L-H Clinic   and Clinical Component   of Autism Center

 Trina Becker   (

 People in Charge

 Fall Conference =Special   Events Committee Faculty   Chair, SLH Clinic Director,   STEP Director

 Inservices/Presentations=   Individual Faculty 

 Contact or



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