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EIU Records & Information Management


If a department would like to dispose or transfer a record, a Records Request must be filled out. This form can be found by clicking the following link.  Please note:  1 cubic foot is approximateley the size of a paperbox and 2 cubic feet is approximately the size of a banker's box or tub

Click Here For Records Request Form



Once the form is submitted it will be reviewed by Information Security. Upon approval the form will be submitted to the State Records Commission. This process generally takes about two weeks. After the state has approved the request an email will be sent to the department with instructions for disposing of the records.

If the department will be disposing of their own records then they may do so and simply notify Records Management by emailing 

If the records will be disposed of or stored by Records Management, please contact Work Control and schedule the movers to pick up the records and have them transferred to our Records Management Facility.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact Records Management by sending an email to 

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