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EIU Records & Information Management

Management of Scanned Records

Paper records may not be destroyed in favor of digital surrogates (scanned documents) unless the digital 
surrogates are produced in compliance with this Section (Section 4400.70 Digital Reproduction) 
and unless done pursuant to a retention schedule approved by the State Records Commission. 
Issues covered by this Section of the Administrative Code include: 
• File Integrity 
• File formats approved by the Commission 
• Access 
• Quality Control 
• Quality Assurance 
• Scanning Resolution

NOTE: Copies of Non-Permanent Paper Records may be destroyed and substituted with an electronic surrogate (scanned copy) providing minimum standards are met.  NO DISPOSAL CERTIFICATE is required for that paper record.  The paper copy can be destroyed before that record meets the retention schedule.   The electronic copy however, must meet the retention period and a records disposal certificate must be approved by the state.  This does NOT pertain to any "original" paper records or any paper record with a "permanent" retention period

For more information visit the following link.

Scanned Records

Management of Electronic Records

Follow the State Records Commission guidelines for the Management of Electronic Records. 
Topics covered by these guidelines include: 
• Born-digital Records 
• Databases 
• Permanent Records 
• Storage Media 
• Access 
• Backup Copies 
• External Vendors 
• Unique Identification 
• Security 
• Metadata 
• Format Migration 
• System Maintenance and Changes

For more information visit the following link.

Electronic Records


The decision to scan your records involves many factors that you may not have considered. The scanning tree, at the link below, can assist in determining whether to scan or not.....


Below is a link to various definitions pertaining to records retention such as analog records, born-digital records, ext.



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