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EIU Department of Purchasing

Student Advance Travel

If travel expenses are to be direct billed the travel expenses for non-employee travel should be entered on a requisition. The Banner account shall be 71286 (non-employee travel).The invoice should be sent to the Department of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services to be processed.

Employees must use Travel Applications and Vouchers. Non-employee students must use Travel Applications and Student Academic Purpose Vouchers for reimbursement. Please note that as stated on both the travel application and voucher, students will be reimbursed per paid receipt only for meals, gas or incidentals (parking, tolls etc.)

Student group travel is defined as student field trips and other travel by groups such as athletic teams, musical band, debate team, and similar activities, where travel expense is to be paid by the University for a group which includes staff (employees) and students. Generally, no travel advance shall be issued prior to five working days before the date of the trip. Exceptions must be approved in advance. Please contact Rachel Ballinger at 581-7746 for any questions. Travel Advances may be authorized for student travel only.

Travel advances may be authorized only from local funds and only for student group travel expenses for an approved activity of the University.

Travel advances are to be requested on a Request for Payment signed by the account manager of the Org/Index. Each Request for Payment shall have attached a Student Group Travel Request signed by the University representative.

Any individual using a privately owned vehicle must certify to being duly licensed and to having minimum liability insurance coverage required by the Illinois Vehicle Code.

All travel advances must be accounted for (deposit cash unspent and provide a detailed accounting of expenditures, including receipts, to Department of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services) within ten working days after the trip is completed. The Account Manager is responsible for conducting follow-up on the timely return of the Travel Advance. Any exceptions must be approved by the University Treasurer.

Any individual receiving a student group travel advance is personally responsible for the money advanced until it is appropriately accounted for and/or returned. The recipient of an advance shall be liable for expenditures for unauthorized purposes, expenditures in excessive amounts, and for any loss such as by theft or accidental loss. Any funds not returned or accounted for as outlined above may be withheld from the payroll check of the individual responsible for the funds advanced. It is recommended that individuals receiving advances, convert advances to traveler's checks to protect against theft or loss. Cash on hand should be kept at a minimum.

Allowable expenditures of travel advances must comply with travel regulations promulgated by the State of Illinois Regulation Council. Advances for student group travel shall be limited to reasonable amounts.

Expenses related to student group travel as defined are paid from Contractual Services line item. Fleet charges connected with the trip are chargeable to the Travel line item.


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