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EIU Facilities, Planning and Management

Central Stores

Central Stores is responsible for purchasing and storing of Janitorial Supplies and Maintenance parts that are used on campus and by the trade's shops within FPM. Contact Central Stores for information about Fleet Vehicles, Keys, University Garage, Janitorial Supplies, Master Warehouse, Maintenance Parts, and Shipping & Receiving. You can contact Central Stores by calling 217-581-2899.

EIU Keys Management

Requests for keys to academic or administrative areas, desks, and cabinets are processed through the Central Stores Keys department. Keys can be issued or returned to Central Stores (the east building of the Facilities Planning & Management complex) Monday through Friday, during normal office hours (7 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Keys issued to an individual are their responsibility. A department head or responsible person must sign all key requests. Key Request forms are available by contacting Robert Zerbst at 217-581-7572 or Mike Cowan at 217-581-2899. For us to issue keys to an employee or student a key request card must be filled out by the requester and signed by the appropriate Department/Authorized Signature. Student room keys are processed by the Housing Office and not by this department.

Fleet Vehicles

Eastern Illinois University operates a fleet of vehicles (Sedans, Mini-Vans and Vans) for official business of faculty and staff. Request for a vehicle shall be submitted to Central Stores. Request for a vehicle shall be submitted through the EIU Central Stores Agile FleetCommander portal.

University Fleet Vehicles Rates for FY25

Daily Rates for University vehicles are as follows (whichever is greater) these rates include fuel:


$40 per day or 54 cents per mile

Mini-Vans (7 Passengers):

$60 per day or 61 cents per mile

Full Size Van (11 Passengers):

$90 per day or 75 cents per mile

Local Carts

EZGo (6 Passengers) - $35 per day

Gem (6 Passengers) - $50 per day

Cancellation Fee: a cancellation fee is equal to the daily rental rate for the requested vehicle type. It will be charged to the department or organization. If an approved vehicle request is canceled less than 24 hours before scheduled departure time.

Late Return Fee: a late return fee of $35 plus the daily rental charge will be accessed if a vehicle is returned over 2 hours late. If a prior notice of a late return is given to Central Stores, they will make the assessment of actions based on availability.

Additional Fees: can be accrued for miss use of the vehicle. (accidents, lost keys, cleanliness, etc.) The fees level will be assessed by Central Store personnel with a starting point of $35.

University Policies for vehicle and fleet card procedures can be found at our FPM Documents Page.

University Garage

University Garage provides maintenance and repair to the University’s fleet of vehicles, and gas engine equipment. You can contact the University garage by calling Kevin Hardwick at 217-581-7225. The Garage labor rate is $80 per hour, with a ¼ hour minimum.

Garage hours are 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance for employees driving vehicles on University business is provided by the State of Illinois through the Department of Central Management Services. Under the plan, liability coverage is provided for:

  • State Officers
  • EIU employees acting on behalf of the University in the course of employment.
  • Any other person using any vehicle with written University authorization provided the actual operation or use is within the scope of such authorization.

Refer to the Internal Government Policy entitled "University Fleet and Vehicle Services" for more information. Note that students (unless they are student workers) are not covered under the plan unless specifically authorized to drive a University vehicle prior to doing so. Complete the University Vehicle Student Approval Request Form to gain authorization for a student worker.

Auto Accidents While Driving at EIU

If you have an auto accident while on University business, please follow these procedures.

  1. Obtain a police report from the officer at the scene of the accident. It is important to obtain a police report in connection with all accidents except those that involve only damage to the University vehicle (no other property damaged) and/or accidents in which no injuries were sustained. It is very important, however, to obtain a police report in the case of an accident involving injuries.
  2. Notify your supervisor immediately.
  3. Notify the Vice President for Business Affairs (VPBA) Office immediately by calling 271-581-2921. A detailed voice mail message, including a phone number where you can be reached, is acceptable. Please provide a full description of the accident and the following information: Your E number, job title and campus phone number, and were there property damage? (To a University or other vehicle, sign post, etc.) Was anyone injured?
  4. Complete the accident report form (SR1) immediately after the accident. You may use the police report as a reference since all of the information required on the SR1 form is contained in the police report. Complete both sides of the SR1 form (including the drawing), sign it, and submit it to the VPBA Office, 1140 Old Main.
    • A blank SR1 form will be in the glove compartment of University vehicles or will be available from the police officer at the scene.
    • If you are out of town on an extended business trip, please FAX the completed SR1 form to the VPBA Office at 217-581-3290.
    • If there is no SR1 form available, the damage involved only the University vehicle and there were no injuries, obtain the form from the VPBA Office, 1140 Old Main, upon your return to campus.
  5. In the event of an accident resulting in serious bodily injury or death, every effort should be made to speak to VPBA Office staff as soon as possible. In an emergency, please call 217-581-2899; or contact Kevin Hardwick at 217-581-7225 or Rob Zerbst 217-581-7572.
  6. If you are driving your personal vehicle on business and have an accident, notify your personal insurance carrier and complete steps 2 & 4 listed above.

We sincerely hope these procedures will not be necessary. However, if you are involved in an accident, please make reporting a priority. According to Central Management Services regulations, failure to report accident information within 7 days of the date of the accident could result in forfeiture of coverage.

Handling Repairs While on the Road

Should a University vehicle develop mechanical problems while away from the Charleston area, drivers should take the following actions:

  1. Take the vehicle to a garage that handles the type of vehicle you are driving.
  2. If repairs will not exceed $150, proceed with repairs and request that billing, for services not covered under any warranty, be sent to:
    • Eastern Illinois University
      Motor Pool
      600 Lincoln Avenue
      Charleston, IL 61920
  3. Request that billing be prepared in duplicate and that all services and parts be itemized on the invoice, including all work done under warranty.
  4. After verification of all charges, sign both copies, writing your full name and including the name of the department in which you work.
  5. Retain one copy of the billing and turn it in to Motor Pool personnel at the end of your trip.
  6. Contact Motor Pool at 217-581-7572 for payment of repair by use of Garage P-Card (Do NOT use your P-Card unless specifically instructed).
  7. In the event the service shop will not extend credit, the driver may pay the bill and submit it to the Motor Pool for reimbursement. The traveler's request for reimbursement must be supported by an itemized, receipted invoice.
  8. Drivers of assigned vehicles who experience mechanical difficulties or need repairs made amounting to more than $150 should call the Motor Pool at 217-581-2899 if they are unsure as to how to handle the situation. After regular working hours, call Robert Zerbst at 217-581-7572 or Kevin Hardwick at 217-581-7225.

Shipping & Receiving

Central Receiving and Shipping uses UPS to send packages for all departments on campus. If you need to ship something bring the package to Central Store near Facilities Planning & Management, we will need your address (No PO Boxes) and the department account number that will be charged for the shipment. United Parcel Service is available 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday except for summer hours. Central Receiving can be reached at: 217-581-2899.


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Facilities Planning and Management

408 West Hayes Charleston, IL 61920
Central Stores Phone: 217-581-2899
Fax: 217-581-5716

Office Hours: 8 am to 4:30 pm
Property Control: 4 am to 11:30 am

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