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EIU Department of Master of Arts in Political Science

Accelerated MA in Political Science

Many undergraduates decide to continue their education to earn an M.A. The Political Science department at EIU now offers students the opportunity to earn an M.A. at a faster pace. The accelerated graduate program in Political Science allows students to shorten the length of the BA/MA process by about one semester, saving time and money. Undergraduates enrolled in the accelerated program can take up to three graduate level courses, and count them towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

Program Admission Requirements

Admission to the accelerated graduate program in Political Science requires the following:

  • Minimum 3.25 cumulative undergraduate GPA
  • Minimum 60 hours of undergraduate course credit completed
  • Minimum of 15 hours of Political Science (PLS) courses, with at least 6 credits at the 3000-level. Concurrent enrollment is allowed.
  • All majors may apply, as long as the minimum PLS hours are met.
  • All applicants must submit two letters of reference and a professional goals statement.

You can begin the application process here.

Shared Course Options

All enrolled students must meet with the Political Science graduate coordinator in addition to their undergraduate academic advisor to select classes. Students may select up to three courses from the list below (the "z" stands for the shared credit status). No more than one course may be at the 5000-level:

  • PLS 4774z/American Constitutional Law
  • PLS 4763z/Environmental Politics & Policy
  • PLS 4793z/Civic & Nonprofit Leadership
  • PLS 4823z/International Policy Issues
  • PLS 4853z/Supreme Court Politics
  • PLS 4873z/Human Resource Management in Government & Nonprofits
  • PLS 4893z/Budgeting in Government & Nonprofit Organizations
  • PLS 4903z/Classic Political Theory
  • PLS 4913z/Contemporary Political Theory
  • PLS 4923z/African American Political Thought
  • PLS 4933z/Ideologies of the Developing World
  • PLS 4943z/American Political Thought
  • PLS 5023z/Proseminar in International Politics
  • PLS 5033z/Comparative Institutional Analysis
  • PLS 5073z/Seminar in Political Behavior
  • PLS 5173z/Congress & the Presidency
  • PLS 5373z/Proseminar in American Politics
  • PLS 5433z/Proseminar in Comparative Politics
  • PLS 5533z/Seminar in Political Modernization

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