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EIU Naming Committee

University Naming Committee

The University Naming Committee reviews all proposals for naming which are assigned for their review by the President of Eastern Illinois University. The University Naming Committee is composed of representatives from various constituencies at the University, including the following individuals: Chair (or designee) of Faculty Senate; Chair (or designee) of the Council for Academic Affairs; Chair (or designee) of Staff Senate; Chair (or designee) of Student Senate; and Chair (or designee) of the Council of Chairs. In addition, the committee includes two Presidential appointees. All members of the committee serve one-year terms.

University Naming Committee, 2020-2021Meeting Info
  • Don Holly (for Faculty Senate)
  • Claudia Janssen-Danyi (for CAA)
  • Angie Campbell (for Staff Senate)
  • Diane Burns (for Council of Chairs)
  • Noor Khamisani (for Student Senate)
  • Carlos Amaya (Presidential Appointee)
  • Mona Davenport (Presidential Appointee)
  • Ken Wetstein (VPUA - ex officio convener of the committee)
Last Meeting: Wednesday, April 14
Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 28

The President has the ability to accept, reject or modify any recommendation made by the University Naming Committee. The President, with consultation from the President's Council, presents naming proposals to the Board of Trustees for approval. A facility is officially named or renamed only after Board of Trustees approval.

EIU Naming Committee Hosting Forums on Douglas Hall Name

The EIU Naming Committee seeks feedback from interested parties on the question of re-naming or retaining the name of Douglas Hall for one of its residence halls.

Forums for the Public

Open Student Forum - 7 p.m., Tuesday, March 23Open Community Forum - 7 p.m., Thursday, March 25
Facilitators: Ken Wetstein & Claudia Janssen-Danyi
Log-in Information
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 919 6783 6019
  • Passcode: EIU1895
Facilitators: Angie Campbell & Ken Wetstein
Log-in Information
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 943 8017 6654
  • Passcode: EIU1895

Forums for the EIU Campus

EIU Faculty Only - 3 p.m., Wednesday, March 24EIU Students Affiliated with BSU, LASO, Alpha Psi Lambda, NPHC, NAACP - 4 p.m., Monday, March 29
Facilitator: Don Holly, Faculty Forum Committee
  • Interested participants should contact Don Holly ( for log-in information.
Facilitators: Carlos Amaya and Mona Davenport
  • Interested participants should contact Mona Davenport ( for log-in information.
EIU Students Affiliated with SGA, IFC, PanHellenic Council - 4 p.m., Tuesday, March 30EIU Students Affiliated with EIU’s Residence Hall Association - 5 p.m., Thursday, April 1
Facilitators: Carlos Amaya and Mona Davenport
  • Interested participants should contact Mona Davenport ( for log-in information.
Facilitators: Diane Burns and Ken Wetstein
  • Interested participants should contact Ken Wetstein ( for log-in information.

Those who do not wish to or cannot attend an appropriate forum can participate in an online survey, available here: Survey participants have the option to remain anonymous.

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