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National Hydrology Dataset (NHD) Download Tool
Shannon Smith, Fall 2015

This script makes it easy to download watershed-level hydrography data from the USGS.
Using this scripting tool, the user selects a watershed on a map, and NHD data for the selected watershed is downloaded and extracted to a geodatabase in a user-specified directory (folder).

Download | Video Demo

Census Data Cleaning Challenge
Scott Hall, Annie Cerminara, Ademola Adeyemo (Fall 2016)

This script supports a workflow for simplifying census data.
The workflow includes obtaining shapefile, data and metadata from the U.S. Census and using MS Excel to create
 wanted fields.  
 The script performs the following:
      a) Input: Shapefile, data file (*.csv), metadata file with “import_name” column filled (*csv)
      b) Output: Shapefile that includes fields from the datafile appended and renamed

 Download | Video Demo



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