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EIU Film Studies Minor

What are the specific requirements of the minor?

Film Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary Film Studies minor is devoted to the study of cinema history, theory, criticism and production. The minor is comprised of three required film-centered courses (Film 2759G, “History of Cinema,” Communication Studies 3530, “Film Communication,” and English 4904, “Studies in Film”) and a core of courses with film-specific content. Up to two courses in the film studies minor can be double counted in a student’s major. Coursework may also include Honors course equivalents. Existing prerequisites for all courses must be satisfied unless waived.



The Film Studies minor includes three required courses, as listed below, and three courses from the list of elective courses, for a total of at least 19 hours: 


1. Required Courses:

  • FILM 2759G - History of Cinema. Credits: 3
  • CMN 3530 - Film Communication. Credits: 4
  • ENG 4904 - Studies in Film. Credits: 3


2. At least three of the following Elective Courses:

  • AFR 3300 - African Cinema. Credits: 3
  • CMN 2500 Production I. Credits: 3
  • CMN 3050 – Production II. Credits: 3
  • CMN 3540 – Production III. Credits: 3
  • CMN 4540 – Production IV. Credits: 3
  • CMN 4500: Topics in Media Production**
  • EIU 4104G - World Film: Language and Culture in Film. Credits: 3
  • EIU 4128G - Politics and Popular Culture Credits: 3
  • EIU 4170G - History on Film. Credits: 3
  • EIU 4174G – Documentary Film and Society: 3
  • EIU 4192G - Film and Contemporary Society, Honors Credits: 4
  • ENG 2000 – Introduction to Creative Writing 
  • ENG 2504G - Film and Literature. Credits: 3
  • ENG 3064 – Intermediate Dramatic Writing. Credits: 3
  • ENG 3604 - Special Topics in Literature and Language, 1, 2, 3, 4. Credits: 3**
  • ENG 4764 – Advanced Dramatic Writing. Credits: 3
  • THA 3754G - Theatre and Film. Credits: 3

**With the permission of the Film Studies Advisor (



What can you do with a Film Studies Minor?


  • You can…become a film scholar (like EIU’s very own Jason Sperb)
  • You can…augment and update your interests in history, political science, foreign languages and cultures, English, theatre arts, and communication studies
  • You can…become a screenwriter (like EIU’s very own Craig Titley).
  • You can…become a producer (like EIU’s very own Luke Ryan).
  • You can…become an actor/actress (like EIU’s very own Joan Allen).
  • You can…become a film critic (like EIU’s very own Dann Gire).
  • You can…become a director (like EIU’s very own Bruce David Janu).


Related Career Titles


Film Archives

Television production


Assistant Director

Camera Operator

Casting Director



Colorizing technician

Independent Filmmaker

Industrial Filmmaker


Script Supervisor


Sound Editor

Visual Effects



Lighting Technician

Program Assistant

Press Agent



Drama Coach

Sound/Special Effects Specialist

Prop Maker


Studio Merchandising

Distribution Company

Personal Asst. to Director

Theater Manager

Film Production Instructor

Casting Assistant

Costume Design


Rerecording mixer

Film Director

Story Editor

Talent Representative

Film Editor

Talent Agent





Related Major Skills


Present specific viewpoints

Influential/persuasion skills

Synthesizing information

Interpretation skills

Reporting and editing skills

Create entertaining and persuasive messages

Evaluate ideas and presentation

Gather information and data

Compare and contrast evidence

Evaluate information and sources

Critical thinking skills

Develop market research

Measure media effects

Planning and managing skills

Work with deadlines

Work independently

Attention to details

Work in teams / small groups

Rewriting and editing with others

Understand cultural values

Manage different needs of individuals, groups, etc.

Explaining processes, plans and concepts



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