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EIU Film Studies Minor


Approved Faculty Procedure and Criteria

A. Application Procedure:

To become a film studies faculty member, faculty may apply to the Film Studies Minor Advisory Committee according to the following procedure:

  • Submit a letter of intent to teach film studies minor courses
  • Submit a curriculum vita
  • Submit a sample film studies course syllabus/proposal
  • Applications to the committee may be made at any time during the Academic Year.

B. Criteria for admission as a film studies minor faculty member:

The Film Studies Minor Advisory Committee will approve membership based on perusal of curriculum vita and syllabus/course proposal, if the materials reflect some of the following criteria:

Curriculum Vita:
  • A record of course work in film studies
  • A record of research and/or publication in film studies
  • Experience in the business of film
Course syllabus/proposal:
  • Strong concentration in film
  • Investment in film as a medium The course should use film not only as a way to teach the discipline, but also as the aesthetic medium itself.
Criteria for Film Courses Added to the Film Studies Minor:
  • These courses should have a main component that examines film from an aesthetic or a historical, critical or theoretical basis.
  • Whatever discipline these courses are coming from should connect the film component with the specific area or focus that the discipline of the course wants to explore.
  • Courses should avoid using film merely as a teaching device for the discipline.
  • The courses should spend a significant amount of time exploring films, filmmaking, or the role of film in cultural production.
  • The courses should spend a significant amount of time showing students how the discipline looks at film.
  • The courses should examine the issues of film in relation to the discipline in which the course is placed, as a way to see how the discipline connects to the area of film studies.
  • The courses should be taught by approved film studies faculty.

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