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EIU Film Studies Minor

Film Studies Minor Courses


Film Studies Minor Courses Spring 2019


Film 2759G, History of Cinema 

Wilson Brown 

Thecourse offers a comprehensive yet selective overview of the history of cinema, integrating the basic tools for analyzing film as art. It willexamine how the uses of camera, editing, lighting, sound, and acting contribute to the construction of meaning for audiences, as well as consider how meaning is filtered through various cultural contexts. WI Credits: 3. Online.


CMN 3530, Film Communication


Filmas the expression of the performers, producers, directors, writers, and technicians. Critical discussion of film theory, history, and criticism. WI Credits: 4, 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm TR and 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm T 

ENG 4904, Studies in Film 


In-depth study of major periods, genres, history, criticism and/or theory of film. Topics to be announced. WI Prerequisites & Notes: ENG 1002G. May be repeated once with permission of the Department Chair. Credits: 3. 3:30-6:50. R.


CMN 2500, Production I 

On Demand.This production-centered course teaches the foundational elements of visual storytelling through video, television, and film. These foundational elements include narrative construction, visual composition, genre aesthetics, visual brand development, characterization, and non-linear editing in order to communicate a unified message through video, audio, and graphics. Credits: 3.


CMN 3050. Production II 

Jonathan K Mattson

This intermediate course extends upon the skills and concepts of television, video, and film production as introduced in Production I. Students refine their visual storytelling abilities through a series of creative, persuasive, and reality-based production projects with a special emphasis on visual composition, directing, audio, characterization, and refinement in post-production. 8:00 am - 9:40 am. TRF.


EIU4174G, Documentary Film & Society 


This course will examine some of the aesthetic, social, and cultural issues unique to documentary film and video. Online.


EIU4192G, Film and Contemporary Society 


A study of the theory, aesthetics, history, and cultural contexts of film, concentrating on the relationships among film, literature, popular culture, music, and the plastic arts. Students will explore the ways in which we read film and culture from around the world, and the ways in which we write about film. English majors are excluded. Credits: 4. 3:30-6:20. W.


ENG 2000, Introduction to Creative Writing 


Intro to Creative Writing. This course will introduce students to reading for craft and writing creatively across poetry, fiction, nonfiction and dramatic genres. Students will participate in workshops of their creative work and read writing in each genre. Credits: 3. 2:00 pm - 2:50 pm. MWF.


ENG 3064, Intermediate Dramatic Writing


An intermediate course centered on dramatic writing. Class time will be devoted to writing, reading, and discussion of dramatic writing. 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm. TR.

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