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EIU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

General Chemistry I/II

Note: Most links are to pdf files. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here.

Welcome! This page contains links to pages which contain a variety of information about general chemistry lecture and lab.

Course Descriptions

General chemistry is a sequence of four courses — two lectures and two labs, taken over two semesters — designed to provide an overview of the discipline and serve as a stepping stone to further study in chemistry and other science majors. 

General Chemistry, CHM 1310G, and General Chemistry, CHM 1315G, are taken together in the first semester. General Chemistry, CHM 1410, and General Chemistry, CHM 1415, are taken together in the second (and hopefully, succeeding) semester.

Course descriptions (including co-requisites and prerequisites) Note that you will need to click on each course to their corresponding description.

The general course schedule and related information for the upcoming semester can be found by following the appropriate link:

General Chemistry I schedule General Chemistry II schedule

Proper eye protection is a must in the chemistry laboratory. The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department goggle policy is described in the Goggle Policy link below. The lab FAQs link answers some important questions about lab including where to purchase the lab manual.

Goggle Policy Lab FAQs

To learn more about commonly used equipment including procedural protocols and images select the Equipment Guide link below. Much of this same information without accompanying images and movies can be found in the Equipment Guide section of the CHM 1315 and CHM 1415 lab manuals.

Equipment Guide

General Chemistry I Lab, CHM 1315

Click here to access graphs of the line spectra of helium, hydrogen and mercury superimposed on the spectrum from a 'desk-type' fluorescent light referred to in experiment 11 (Spectroscope and Line Spectra).

General Chemistry Lab II, CHM 1415

Click here for information on accessing the 3-D structure of the protein phycocyanin isolated in experiment 1 (Protein Extraction and Folding).

Excel Graphing Primer for MSOffice 13, 16 and 365


Tutorial 1: Math Skills
Tutorial 2: Formulas, Percentage Composition, and the Mole
Tutorial 3: The Mole and Stoichiometry
Tutorial 4: Solution Stoichiometry
Tutorial 5: Net Ionic Equations
Tutorial 6: Gases
Tutorial 7: Heats of Reaction


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