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EIU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

BS Biochemistry Major

Students in this program take courses in biology in addition to advanced work in biochemistry. This course of study is attractive to students interested in understanding the chemistry of living systems leading to employment in the biotechnology industry or further study in medicine, dentistry, or graduate school.


Four Year Study Plans for this major

BS Biochem. Major

BS Biochem/Premed.

Check Sheets for this major

BS Biochem. Major

BS Biochem/Premed.



I am Glad I Chose EIU Chemistry and Biochemistry!

Michael J Schottman O. D.

Class of 2011

Biochemistry Concentration

Current Position: Optometrist at Eyeglass World in Indianapolis

What Mike Says About this Program:

“EIU provided me with a strong background in science. The problem solving I learned during chemistry helped for a smooth transition into grad school. I would definitely recommend EIU to future students in health related fields. “


Scott Keller

I am Glad I Chose EIU Chemistry and Biochemistry!

Scott Keller M. D.

Class of 2010

Biochemistry Concentration

Current Position: House Staff/Clinical Instructor, Ohio State University

What Scott Says About this Program:

I think the EIU chemistry department did a great job of helping me learn a good foundation in science and even more importantly I gained critical experience in evaluating often very difficult problems.  Both the junior and senior seminars that we were required to give allowed me to really understand critically evaluating basic and clinical science research.  These skills have certainly extended into my medical education and allowed me to excel in my training thus far.


Ann Egan

I am Glad I Chose EIU Chemistry and Biochemistry!

Ann E Egan

Class of 2012

Biochemistry Concentration

Current Position: Doctoral Candidate, Neuroscience, University of Cincinnati

What Annie Says About this Program:

“I am currently a PhD. candidate in my fourth year in the Neuroscience program at the University of Cincinnati. My research focuses on the interactions between diet and stress, specifically trying to understand the brain networks behind how "comfort foods" can relieve stress. I am extremely grateful for the training that I received at EIU. Biochemistry courses are a part of the required core curriculum for my program, and thanks to my studies at EIU I was able to pass those courses with flying colors. I also got great lab experience in the EIU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. Working in a biochemistry lab I learned important lab practices and techniques that I still use almost every day in my PhD research!” 

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Contact Information

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Chair:
Dr. Edward M. Treadwell

600 Lincoln Avenue, Charleston IL 61920 Physical Science, Room 3150

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