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EIU Major In Career and Technical Education

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Students who graduate from the
CTE program
have a 95% rate of placement

The Career and Technical Education program prepares student to teach secondary school business education, family and consumer sciences, and technology classes.

Why Choose EIU for CTE

Professional Development

What sparked your interest in teaching? Chances are it was sitting in the classroom of an effective teacher. We have all had at least one teacher who was able to inspire us to not only learn what was being taught but also to grow and develop into the person we are today. Now you want to be THAT teacher inspiring students. In the Career and Technical Education program, we recognize the importance of learning what it takes to become an effective teacher and create opportunities for you to become THAT teacher who inspires students.

Practical Experience

Whether you call it real-world experience or practical experience, we know the more time you spend in a classroom environment where you are seen as a teacher by students the more you understand what is expected of you as a teacher. In addition, you also acquire teaching strategies, resources, and connections with teachers in your content area. This is why you are required to be in the schools in a number of your education courses. Other opportunities to interact with students are also available.

Versatile Major

Many students come to college not really sure what they want to do for the rest of their lives. The Career and Technical Education major requires you to complete a variety of courses in your content area (business, family and consumer sciences, or technology). In addition, you also have the teaching knowledge and experiences gained from your education courses. Therefore, the Career and Technical Education degree can lead to careers in teaching or the work world related to your content area.

Practical experience


Small class sizes allow you to make connections with other Career and Technical Education majors who can share their own experiences, materials and tips. With a low faculty-to-student ratio, you get to know your professors and they get to know you – which helps you with recommendations for jobs, obtaining scholarships and networking opportunities. They can provide valuable resources and teaching materials.



Eastern is dedicated to investing in our students and rewarding those who are committed to personal and professional success. While the cost of any college degree is expensive, Eastern provides several scholarships for students majoring in Career and Technical Education. Visit:

Meet our Faculty

Dr. Jerry Cloward

Associate Professor

Dr. Cloward teaches courses in Career and Technical Education, Production/Manufacturing, Biomass Energy/Gasification, and a graduate course in Leadership. He is working on research with biomass gasification and pelletizing biomass.

Ms. Kathy Clark


Ms. Clark has been involved with the field of Family and Consumer Sciences education for over 37 years, teaching at North Clay Elementary & Middle Schools, Charleston High School, and Eastern Illinois University. “Teaching future educators and sharing my passion for Family and Consumer Sciences subject matter is very gratifying."

Dr. Julie Chadd


Dr. Chadd teaches courses in the Career and Technical Education, Organizational and Professional Development, and M.S. in Technology programs. Her passion lies in helping future teachers and trainers further develop their talents by creating an awareness of teaching strategies that help reach all learners. She also enjoys utilizing these strategies in her own teaching.

Don't take our word for it

"The CTE program at EIU put me in a position that allowed me to learn and grow into the teacher that I am today. As a Career and Technical education student at EIU, it was very important for me to get as many practical, hands-on experiences in the classroom as possible."

Dale West, CTE Teacher, Joliet Central High School

"The CTE program at EIU has opened many doors for me that I didn’t know were there. There are so many new things to experience, from all the wonderful equipment we have, to the vast amount of knowledge from the professors. There is something new to do or learn every day and I don’t think I could’ve gotten this amazing experience anywhere else!”

Matthew N. Mullins

"The Career and Technical Education program at EIU has been such a blessing to me. In my various classes, I have learned many new things that I will be able to relay to my future students. Through the small class sizes, I have received a more personal learning experience."

Bethany Kuhlig

"I love being a part of CTE at Eastern because it is so personal. I have a lot of the same students and professors year after year, which allows me to grow tremendously. The professors know me inside and outside of class so they can see what is at my best interest. I truly feel that I am learning things that will not only help me succeed in class, but at life."

Bailey Wilson Career & Technical Education: Family & Consumer Sciences

"I would describe my time at Eastern Illinois University’s School of Technology as both Challenging and Rewarding. The CTE program allowed me to choose courses from a wide variety of disciplines within the Career and Technical Education field. That freedom to choose from a variety of courses helped prepare me to teach a wide range of different CTE courses.”

Ryan Altenburg

"The small class sizes, helpful professors, and family environment of the CTE department provided the resources I needed to become an effective educator. Beyond the classroom content, EIU provided a hands-on learning experience that transitioned well into my teacher career.”

Patrick Walser

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Contact Information

Career and Technical Education

School of Education
1420 Buzzard Hall
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920-3099
(217) 581-2524

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