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EIU Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences

Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences

Ongoing Strategic Plan

2014 – 2019

University Mission Statement

Eastern Illinois University is a public comprehensive university that offers superior, accessible undergraduate and graduate education. Students learn the methods and results of free and rigorous inquiry in the arts, humanities, sciences, and professions, guided by a faculty known for its excellence in teaching, research, creative activity, and service. The University community is committed to diversity and inclusion and fosters opportunities for student-faculty scholarship and applied learning experiences within a student-centered campus culture. Throughout their education, students refine their abilities to reason and to communicate clearly so as to become responsible citizens and leaders.

Departmental Mission Statement

The Department of Communication Disorders & Sciences provides high quality academic and clinical instruction in an undergraduate program integrated with an accredited graduate program in speech-language pathology. Students are prepared with the critical thinking skills needed to enter a culturally diverse society in order to make contributions in the areas of scientific inquiry, patient management, professional leadership, and responsible citizenship. Faculty foster the development of knowledge and inquiry through excellent  academic and clinical teaching, service, and research/creative activity.  The department also strives to provide high quality clinical services to individuals with communication disorders in the east central Illinois region and to serve as a resource to community professionals on the nature, treatment, and prevention of speech-language-hearing disorders.

The CDS Strategic Plan Aligns with the University’s most recent 2012 University Strategic Plan

Core values that define and express  “Who we are at EIU”  in the 2012 University Strategic Plan state that Eastern nurtures student success, and we expect our students to achieve their fullest academic and personal potential. Our actions are guided by four core values:  1)We uphold excellence in all we do. 2)We value personal relationships, and we strive to strengthen the personal experience at Eastern for all members of our campus community and all whom we serve.  3) We believe in the accessibility of an Eastern education and the opportunities it creates.  5)We support service to each other and to our community, region, state, nation, and world

The CDS Strategic Plan aligns with the core values listed above as well as themes found in the university strategic plan about 1) fostering Academic Excellence and a Culture of Academic Rigor, 2) fostering an increasingly Diverse Community of Students  who are Globally Aware and Connected and strengthening services for Students with Disability, 3) using  Emerging Technology to make education Accessible and Affordable ,  and 4) focusing on Financial Sustainability.

1.       ACADEMIC

1.1   Explore potential  minor in CDS, multi-disciplinary minor options involving CDS undergraduate courses/faculty expertise (e.g. autism, ESL, EI)

1.2   Review the traditional graduate program and update curriculum to reflect changing standards and scope of practice

1.2.1          Develop/pilot  coursework on Interprofessional collaboration

1.2.2          Consider special topics vs core content hours

1.3   Explore options to bring Hybrid graduate program in load and other cost-consideration options that allow us to maintain the high quality of graduate education 

1.4   Continue the explicit development of writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills across the curriculum

1.4.1          Share rubrics and instructional resources with new faculty and graduate assistants

1.4.2          Review undergraduate curriculum for integration of all 5 university undergraduate learning goals (writing/reading, speaking/listening, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and responsible citizenship  including ethics, diversity, and citizenship)


2.       CLINIC

2.1   Establish an Autism Center as an expansion of the existing Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

2.2   Explore and develop support program for college-age students with high-functioning autism

2.3   Maintain variety of clinical experiences prior to internship through diversity of clients in the EIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic and outside clinical contracts



3.1   Explore intentional advising strategies with cohorts of undergraduate students

3.2   Develop updated information about minors, double major, and elective courses for undergraduate students

3.3   Update recruitment materials and explore new recruitment strategies


4.       RESEARCH

4.1   Explore/expand undergraduate research

4.1.1          Consider modifying undergraduate honor’s research experience to transition into a master’s thesis

4.1.2          Increase investigation of clinical questions through mentoring of undergraduate independent studies

4.2   Explore/develop a clinic data base for research purposes


5.       ALUMNI

5.1   Increase connections and communication with CDS alumni

5.1.1          Develop/Coordinate with EIU SLP Facebook page

5.1.2          ISHA convention and Autism Conference networking opportunities



6.1   Recruit and support  new faculty while smoothly transition duties of retiring faculty

6.1.1          Investigate PhD faculty salaries to be competitive

6.1.2          Support faculty in pursing PhD and other advanced degrees

6.1.3          Mentor new faculty and develop faculty handbook to centralize information that new faculty need to know

6.1.4          Transition duties of retiring faculty

6.2   Schedule regular faculty discussions regarding clinical and academic practices

6.3   Encourage continued supportive collaborative environment and “open-door” policy

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