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EIU Master of Science in College Student Affairs




Graduate Assistantships

Assistantships are on-campus positions that provide a practical experience to your degree along with financial assistance. You will find a variety of assistantships in both student and academic affairs.

This list of available Graduate Assistantships may change in the near future as we get feedback from the participating departments. If you are applying to the CSA program you do not need to apply for graduate assistantships through the graduate school.

To qualify for a graduate assistantship candidates must meet the criteria and provide evidence of having earned a cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 (4.00 scale) on the graded academic course work from the degree-granting institution and have been fully admitted to a graduate degree program. Potential students must send an unofficial transcript prior to coming to campus to verify their GPA.

The second way to meet criteria is to provide evidence of having earned a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 (4.00 scale) on the last 60 semester hours of graded academic course work from the degree granting institution and have been fully admitted to a graduate degree program. Clock hour requirements for an assistantship may vary by contract and the specific clock hour requirements are specified in the contract. The maximum level of an appointment is 19 clock hours of assigned duties to the sponsoring unit per week. The unit has full authority to require the full number of hours per week specified in the contract and may require assistants to document completion of clock hours each week. Sponsoring units may not require assistants to work beyond the maximum number of hours in the contract and University policies prevent graduate assistants from performing duties in excess of 20 clock hours per week while school is in session. Hours required to perform duties are not cumulative. Sponsoring units may not require assistants to work beyond the maximum level specified in the contract for a specified week because fewer hours were assigned during a prior week (2023-24 Graduate Assistantship Handbook).

Potential Graduate Assistantships

Organization Assistantship Info

Office of Admissions

  Graduate Assistant - Student Ambassador

Financial Aid and Scholarships

   Graduate Assistant

Health and Counseling Services

   Student Affairs Assessment Graduate Assistant

   Health Promotion Graduate Assistant

   Mental Health Promotion Graduate Assistant

   Health Communication and Promotion Graduate Assistant

    Mental Health Promotions Coordinator

University Housing and Dining Services

  Associate Resident Director

Office of Inclusion and Academic Engagement

  Academic Advising Graduate Assistant

  Academic Support Graduate Assistant

  OIAE Retention Graduate Assistant

Office of International Students and Scholars   Graduate Assistant
Office of Leadership and Engagement   Graduate Assistant
Student Life Office   Graduate Assistant


Apply for CSA Days. Be sure to select all graduate assistantships you wish to apply for on the CSA Days application form.To apply for graduate assistantships, candidates have to:

    1. As a requirement of the Graduate School, complete the Graduate Assistantship Application.

Some graduate assistantship supervisors may require additional application materials from candidates. Send all additional materials directly to the graduate assistantship supervisor.

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