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Job Offers

You did it! You finally got the phone call you were waiting for — that job offer! Now what? If you're stepping into your first career or making a change, you should carefully consider any job offers before accepting. Some important things to think about ...


Salary is only ONE factor in an ideal job offer, however, it is often thought of as the most important.


If the offered salary is a bit lower than you expected, you may want to take a look at the benefits package. Examine the compensation packet carefully and don't hesitate to ask the HR representative questions about vacation, dental, medical, optical and retirement benefits. Also consider "perks" such as bonuses, paid lunches, stock options, etc.


If commuting is an issue for you, take this into account in your overall evaluation of the offer. Research whether the employer is accessible via bus, subway train or shuttle.

Work Schedule

Many employers now support telecommuting or offer flexible work hours. Find out what options are open to you and weigh these with your preferred lifestyle.

Career Development

It is important to work somewhere where your career growth will be supported and encouraged.


Does the organization compensate for overtime hours and, if so, how? Most organizations will not pay overtime for salaried employees but many will offer "comp time" or break-time for project teams. If you are expected to work overtime, inquire about how often it will happen; are there peak times for overtime?

Office Culture

Also consider the environment you will be working in: Your boss, co-workers, and the overall focus and drive of a company will greatly impact your happiness, productivity, and success in an organization.